Sunday, June 29, 2014

Simple Cherry Blossoms

Hey Babes!  How is your Sunday going so far?  I have another manicure featuring a polish from the OPI Coca-Cola collection- I'm sure you can figure out which one.  I'll have another one for you tomorrow- all leading up to the review of the collection on Tuesday.  Here is a simple design for cherry blossoms.  All you gotta do is place some branches on the nail and then put red,pink, and white on your palette together and using your dotting tool, dip a bit in each color and create small dots on the branches in little groups.  Then, using just the white, place as-small-as-you-can dots on the groups you've already made.  Use a generous amount of topcoat and you're done!  Here's the look: 

This design would also look great against a cream gradient background, but I wanted to just feature the polish from the Coca-Cola collection.  I hope you enjoyed this look!  See you back tomorrow.

Song of the Day: The Dodos- Transformer

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