Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Nina Ultra Pro Hot Brights Neon Lights Live Application and Review

Has anyone else been eyeing up the OPI Neons and simply thinking 8-10 dollars is way too much to pay for a neon that you can get elsewhere??  Maybe it's just me, but I feel like polish prices are on the rise and sometimes we're falling for the hype.  There are just so many good neons out there for half...or a fourth of the price of some of these higher-end brands!  Case in point- today I'm reviewing the Nina Ultra Pro 6 neon polishes for this Summer called Hot Brights Neon Lights.  They were sitting there right next to the rest of the neon collections in my local Sally Beauty Supply.  AND for the whole month of June, along with Orly polishes, Nina Ultra Pro polishes are BOGO Free!  That took down each of these polishes to under two dollars each- and I'm here to tell you that this collection is amazing and I fully recommend them to any of you(like me) that are on a budget!  Let's take a look- here's my live application and review for you:

Here are some pictures for you to refer to as well.  Seriously people...the whole collection for 12 dollars- instead of one polish for nearly the same price- and these all have a great formula, even for a neon.  You do want to wear a topcoat though because on the second day they started chipping when I didn't have a topcoat on.  I have picked up a few other polishes from this brand over the years- I've tried their textures, creams, jellies- and they're all great!  I really feel that this brand is underrated and dismissed by many polish lovers.

This lovely, traditional neon orange is called Orange Flame.  All of these swatches will be three coats to reach the level of opacity seen- and none of them have been given a top coat nor a base of white polish. They all dry matte and I've shown them in their true form.  This polish applied easily and with no issues.  It does need three coats, but I'm totally fine with that to reach this bright color!

Punki Pink is a strawberry neon- again with no white base coat.  This one is really soft and sweet and really makes me feel like Summer is upon us.

Here's Punki Purple which is a neon plum/fuchsia.  Super bright, and probably the shade of purple that the purple in the OPI collection should have been.  Love it.

For the highlighter yellow, they gave us Solar Flare and it really does the job.  I wore this for a couple of days to see how bright it is in all lighting and it did not let me down.  Just like the rest, this is three coats and ya- I think it's great.

This super hot pink neon is Violet it Ride.  I don't think it really looks violet, but it sure is purty.  This was such a great addition for this collection.  I love that it includes so many great basic neons cuz you know if you pick this collection up you've pretty much covered all your bases here.

Rounding out the collection, they combined the blue and green polishes missing and put them into one bottle. Just look at this gorgeous teal.  This was the one with the tricky formula, just because it still was a tad patchy after three coats, but you can't tell unless you're looking for it in this picture.  I still think it's great- AND it didn't stain!  Yay!

So, have I convinced any of you to save a ton of money and go for this collection if you're jonesing for neons this Summer?  Oh, btw I'm not endorsed by this company, I just really love a good deal and I like the underdog :)  It also angers me that OPI and Sally Hansen polishes(among other brands) just keep jacking up their prices!  Grrrrrrrr.... Don't get me wrong- I'm still a serious OPI junkie...but c'mon people!  Sometimes the greed just disturbs me!

Well that's all I have for you today.  I hope you found this helpful and that you're having a fabulous day!  I'll see you back tomorrow :)

Song of the Day: Looking Glass- Brandi You're a Fine Girl

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  1. They are so bright and pretty! That teal is my favorite and will come home with me soon, hahaha.

    1. If you love that teal- you will LOVE Blue Steel from that Bonita Salon line we were talking about a little while ago- absolutely gorgeous and with shimmer!- did you pick any of those up?

    2. I picked up a couple of the Ninas but haven't returned to the Rite Aid that carries them, it's on my to do list for the next couple of weeks lol! I did pack a Bonita pack thingy at Ross though and it came with some super interesting glitters! It was crazy cheap, like $5 for a six pack!