Friday, August 1, 2014

Milani Color Statement Review and Live Swatches

Hey guys.  I picked up 8 of the new Milani Color Statement polishes the other day(mostly creams) and today I have for you my review and live application of these polishes to help you decide if you need any of these new little babies from Milani.  I want to start off by sayin a positive and a least half of these polishes applied like a dream- two coats, smooth and creamy.  The other half were a little problematic but none were impossible.  The issue I took with this new release is that they are charging the same price for these polishes as their older ones(at least at my CVS) however they are giving you less product.  They are only 10 mL bottles now whereas the previous bottles held 13.2 mL of product.  I feel like this is an unfortunate choice on Milani's part- this produces some distrust for me in a brand when it makes a move like that.  Having said all that, you can watch the live application here:

First I have Blue Print which is a bright, vivid medium-to-deep blue cream.  I have been asked how this compares to Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, and they are not dupes at all, Pacific Blue is a great deal lighter. Some polishes that do look a lot like this one are Revlon Wild Card, NYC Ocean Blue, Essie Butler Please, and China Glaze I Sea the Point.  This did not have the best formula.  I had to work with it a bit to get it to level out at two coats.

One of the polishes I really did enjoy it's formula is Corrupted Coral.  This applied so easily and it's creamy and fresh.  I love the pinky coral.  This was in the half that applied without issue.  I definitely recommend this one.

Another that applied so nicely is this lovely dusty lavender called Imperial Purple.  I don't think the name exactly fits, but maybe we should apply the word imperial to the formula and ease of application.  I also highly recommend this one(except for my issue with the change in mL of course) if you're going to pick any of these up.

Ok, another of the nice formulas is this spicy red/coral called Mango Tango.  I absolutely loved this on the nail and it elevated it that much more because it applied so easily.  I have shown you two coats here, as with the rest.  I totally recommend this youthful red cream.

This is the polish I had on in the review video I showed you at the top of the post.  This is two coats of Mint Crush.  It did not apply as easily as some of the others but I did enjoy it in the end.  It's not really a mint shade- a bit too blue to be mint, but overall I think it's fine.

The most troublesome in application is this lovely shade, Peri-wink.  It was sticky and dragged across the nail unfortunately.  I liked the shade of this polish, but overall I really didn't enjoy it because it was tricky to apply, and for the price I was not on board with it.  I should mention, this has some hidden shimmer, which maybe contributed to the formulation issues, but who knows.

This purty teal cream is called Tattle Teal.  Unfortunately this did stain a little bit, so just be aware and wear a generous amount of top coat.  The color is lovely and I did not have issues with application.  I've shown you two coats without top coat.

Last up, I have Water Front which I really enjoyed!  It didn't have the best formula, but it wasn't terribly problematic.  I'm showing you two coats here without topcoat.  I like how it's a somewhat dusty sky blue. Definitely one of my favorites that I picked up.

That wraps up my review.  I hope this helped you decided which of these, if any, that you want to pick up.  I hope you've been having a great day and I'll see you back tomorrow! :)

Song of the Day: Dragonette- I Get Around (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)

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