Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday Random Swatchfest 8/30/2014

It's Saturday and that means Swatchfest time!!  One of my favorite days of the week because it's so much fun to just pull ten random polishes from my collection that have never shown their faces on my blog or channel yet.  If you'd like to see the video which includes live application you can do so here:

Let's look at some pictures!

To start out, I have a crelly polish from the brand JLB in what feels like a sweet red/orange.  These polishes didn't have names and instead this polish is just labeled with the number 4.  I found a pack of eight or so polishes at Ross and they were all lovely colors, but I have to say, I didn't care for them all that much- and they were rather stinky!  These were very inexpensive, but I would say pass.  C+

For pink, I'm showing you L'oreal Taste of Romance.  This is a mid-tone rosy pink and it came out nicely in two coats.  You know I'm not crazy about pink polish, but this one was lovely.  Soft and romantic- a great neutral pink.  I have shown you two coats.  A

This polish is Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Play Koi which is a vibrant medium orange crelly.  I actually like this better in this photo than on the nail.  I really didn't care for the formula all that much, but I've shown you two coats here and it actually came out opaque.  B

This yellow is Sun-sational from Ulta.  Really not one of my favorite shades of yellow, but if you enjoy it- as you can see it did reach opacity at two coats.  This was streaky on the first coat but totally evened out.  B

This divine polish is Just Spotted the Lizard from OPI.  This lovely green/gold duochrome comes from The Amazing Spiderman collection and I can't believe it's taken me so long to feature this on my blog.  It's such perfection on the nail and even though it's a thinner polish it becomes opaque in two coats.  A

For blue I'm showing you China Glaze Of Course! from their first textured collection.  They started out with these highly-pigmented polishes that had no shimmer or glitter.  I really enjoyed this collection even though many people felt it was too clumpy.  I think it's nice that it has so much pigment and it's not completely matte.  A

From Julie G we have Passion which is a gorgeous iridescent plum purple.  This applies smoothly and easily in two coats and I think it's a very non-traditional concept of passion(we normally think steamy red) but when you think about people's passions and interests, this color fits rather perfectly.  It's intense and jewel-toned.  I love it.  A

As my neutral selection today, I give you Nicole by OPI My Empire... My Rules from the Kardashian Colors collection from a few years back.  This is a lovely creamy brown that really feels green-toned to me. In two coats it becomes nice and opaque and I feel like even though this was from a few seasons ago, it still very fitting and contemporary.  A

One of my very favorite polishes from the polish magnate Sally Hansen, representing for glitter today, I give you Sally Hansen Gem Crush Big Money.  The reason I love this polish so much is because it combines gold and purple which I am just obsessed over the pairing!  This glitter becomes opaque in just two coats and I totally love it on its own.  A

For my A+ polish today, I give you the divine Sinful Shine Too Cool for Pool.  As you can clearly see, this is a lovely soft blue that is just packed with pink/gold shimmer.  This one is so special!  It becomes opaque in two coats, but this can be a little thick so you just have to work with it.  If you spot this one- don't pass on it!

There you have it!  Another week is over and another Swatchfest done.  I hope you're having a great weekend and have a fabulous Labor Day!

Song of the Day: Florence and the Machine- No Light, No Light

Over and out

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