Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sinful Colors Halloween 2014 Wicked Colors

Well hello there, dear readers :)  Today I have another Halloween collection to share with you and this time it comes from Sinful Colors.  The collection they put together is called Wicked Colors.  As always, I offer you the choice of reading about the polishes here or viewing the video I posted on these polishes on my channel. You will find live application there if you're interested in knowing what the formulas are like before purchase. Here is the video:

Let's look at some photos here:

Most are repromotes and we'll start with those and move on to the one or two new(at least to me) polishes at the end.
First up is Starry Night which is a black crelly polish that is packed with silver and holo microglitter and then some silver shard pieces.  This is a fun alternative to wearing just black polish and I think it totally fits in the collection.  Unfortunately, this is not a new polish, but I guess that means if you miss this display while it's out, you can pick this one up another time.  This is two coats.

This one doesn't take much explaining, it's the black cream Black on Black from the core line.  I've shown you two coats here, but you can get away with one if you're in a hurry.  This has great formula and they've done a great job with the basic black cream.

Another polish in the core line is Let's Talk.  This one is so iridescent and really quite a show-stopper.  First-off, it's purple so you know I'm gonna love it.  But I had forgotten how truly special this lustrous purple is and I'm so glad they included it if they were going to be repromoting polishes.  This is two easy coats.

And yet another repromoted polish, this is Courtney Orange and has a very similar formula to the purple, Let's Talk.  Shimmering and lustrous, you only need two coats even though it's a thinner formula.  Great pick from the core line.

Finally, for the not-so-new polishes, we have Pumpkin Spice which is a nice glitter, but only ok in my book because the gold and red/orange glitters are very simple- all one size- not very interesting in my opinion.  I've shown you two coats here over Black on Black.

Swatched over the previously mentioned Let's Talk, this is the new glitter called Cauldron Couture.  It's a clear base suspending emerald green and black shard pieces in every shape and size.  This is more like it- much more interesting and funky.  The formula on this one is very thick however, and after two coats(which is what is shown here) I felt like my nail was an inch thicker...

This one is laughable, but it's the best picture I could get of the glow-in-the-dark polish called, interestingly enough, Glow in the Dark.  This one works just as well as Ghoulish Glow from China Glaze so if you don't already own that one, you can pick this up for less than half the price.

And that's all 7 polishes in the collection.  I hope this helped you decide if you need any of these, and I hope you're having a great day!  I'll see you back tomorrow.

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  1. I want that purple! I am already planning out my Halloween mani's!! I have China Glaze In the Lime Light and I think it would look great together, polka dots or something! Thanks for the reviews!!

    1. yes that will be gorgeous! when you do it- share it w/ me on ig! xoxo thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I picked up some additional ones today that are flakies. Splatter Spell and Mystery Moonshine.

  3. Yes, walgreens put out a bigger display with more re promotes and two other new polishes.