Tuesday, August 19, 2014

L.A. Girl Color Pop Live Application and Review

Hello again, my loves :)  Today I have another budget-friendly brand to share with you.  Right now at Rite Aid, the L.A. Girl Color Pop polishes are on sale for 2/$4.00 and on cherryculture.com they are having a 70% clearance on many products, including the Color Pop polishes for $.99!  I decided to pick up 14 polishes to give me a well-rounded look at the line.  I picked some up in store and some I purchased on the website.  I will say that I enjoyed the ones I picked up in person better than the polishes I chose from the website.  What ended up happening was I was disappointed with formula from many that I got online because I didn't have any idea what formula would be like for those polishes.  The ones I purchased at Rite Aid, I could see what the formula was like so there were no surprises.  If you would like to see the live application/review video where you can watch what the formula looks like applied to the nail for yourself, you can do so here:

If you'd rather look at pictures here, we'll get to that now:

Cornflower is up first, and this is one that I picked up in store.  It's wearable at one coat but I've shown you two here.  It's a really lovely cornflower color just as the name suggests and this was easy to apply- no problems here.

Crackle is a super bright orange crelly.  I've shown you three coats here because I couldn't get it opaque at two and I really wanted to show it to you in its full glory.  Even at three coats its not absolutely opaque but it's passable.  I actually really liked this one after it was all said and done.  As I mentioned in the video, I have other rich orange polishes that take less time and work but this ended up being one of my favorites that I picked up.

This sweet coral/orange is called Crush.  I was surprised to find this one was a texture as the website didn't tell me.  You know I enjoy texture- but I actually really would have preferred this one had it been a cream.  I think I was just take off-guard by how much texture this one had.  The color is divine.  I've shown you two coats.

This pigmented navy is called Deep Sea and can be opaque in one coat but I've shown you two here. Unfortunately this polish stained my poor little nails :(  I can't recommend this one to you for that reason.  It applied easily with no issues and I've shown you two coats.

This orchid/lilac shade is called Delight.  I've shown it to you here at two coats.  The formula wasn't the best here but didn't give me any major issues.  You definitely need two coats here and I was surprised with some subtle shimmer.  I enjoyed this one but it wasn't my favorite.

Here was another surprise textured polish.  It's called Entice and I've shown you two coats here.  It has some lovely pink shimmer, but for the most part it's a rich strawberry.  I rather liked this on the nail but like with the coral I think I would have liked it better without the texture.

I picked up a few polishes from the BRIGHTS line and they were thin and squishy like neons and I couldn't get them opaque even at three coats unfortunately.  This is three coats of Flash Freeze.  Hmm...I don't really care for this one.  However, you may really like squishy sheer blues.

This one is called Juicy and I'm showing you three coats here.  It's another strawberry shade but it's super sheer and I wouldn't really recommend it.  You can find many other pinks that don't require the hassle this one does.  I'd skip it.

Another Bright collection color is called Kryptonite and is this lovely kelly green.  I've shown you three coats here to reach opacity.  I actually did enjoy this shade, but can't see myself wearing it very often.   Anyhow, it didn't give me application issues and I appreciated how nice and fresh this color is in the line.

Another green with a whole other look is this cream Leap.  This is a bright, vivid lime that just looks so juicy. It ended up being one of my favorites of the bunch, even though it was a tad streaky.   I've shown you two coats.

Another polish I picked up in store and LOVED is Peacock.  It's one of my favorite shades of polish of all time and they did it so well.  It's not an impeccable formula but it's very nice for the price.  I've shown you two coats here, and if you pick up any from the line, I would suggest this one.

Plunge is this lovely medium blue cream.  You can practically get away with one coat here but I've shown you two.  Great formula but unfortunately this did stain my nail beds a bit.  :(

This nude/peach is called Simply Nude.  Honestly, this one's no bueno.  I've made it look better than it is in the swatch here.  It's rather streaky and not at all what you want in a delicious nude cream.  I've shown you two coats.  Pass.

There were two yellow polishes I was choosing between on the website and I went with this one called Striking...I think I picked wrongly lol.  This is very bright, but it is so sheer.  You definitely need some kind of undies with these- whether it be white or yellow.  I've shown you three coats here and look how much of the nail still shows through.  C'est la vie :)

And those are all the polishes I picked up to show you.  What do you think?  Have you tried this line and love it or feel kind of like I do- kind half and half?  Which was your favorite of the bunch?  I hope you're having a great day and I'll see you back tomorrow!

Song of the Day: Gotye- Eyes Wide Open

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