Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday Weekly Wrap-Up: 8/20/2014

Hi everyone!  How was your week?  We have been having a great time!  We had a visit from "Uncle Waddie" and school started back up.  Let's just go ahead and get right to the photo roll:

 What a lucky thing to have uncle here for a visit!  We had such a great time!

I just had to take a picture of this craziness...Waddie showing us what you do to solve the problem of having your pepperoni and sausage on two different pizzas instead of all on the same slice =p

 Cutie Patootie happily watching a show on his bed

 Our first night out anywhere without at least one child with us... in at least 6 months!  Ack!

 Mr. Insomniac...up all night and day, but happy :)

And then we had ANOTHER date night out thx to uncle Waddie- a charity bingo event.  We didn't know anyone there and Tim was focused on the 5 bazillion cards that he was playing so I have to admit I lost interest after 10-15 minutes, but hey sometimes you're hard-pressed to find something fun to do together that isn't going to see a movie :)

 Cutie Ninja has an ice cream treat after a long day of doctors and prodding.


 Ninja and Waddie were having some nice cuddle time and we got an awesome photobomb from Bear

Wow, ok so I had my first experience with a child who likes to stick things up their nose this week...Little lady came to me crying and couldn't tell me that this raisin was up here right nostril, but she was crying and had mucus everywhere.  I looked in and thought it was a big boogie, and then a few minutes later discovered she'd hid this raisin right up there.  Bah...hope that's the last I see of that behavior!

 Spying with her "elescope"

Grandma, this hairdo is for you!

 Little lady was helping me destash a bunch of polishes today.  She doesn't call them polish, she calls them "nails?" always with a question mark lol I love it. "Mom, lots of nails?" yep baby, lots lol

Last up is a picture of these two buddies lounging on uncle waddie's air mattress and reading a book together.  I rarely ever see something like this from the two of them because Ninja leaves whatever he's doing whenever she comes around, so I had to snap a pic of how sweet they were.  I'll cherish this one for many years to come :)

And that's it!  Thanks for stopping by, especially dear family and friends that we live too far away from to see frequently.  These updates are for you.  Hope you're having a great day and we send our love to you.

Song of the Day: Enrique Iglesias- Bialando

Over and out

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  1. OMG Phoebe, your kids are soooooo sweeeeeeet and adorable!!!! I just want to chew on their lil cheeks! Little lady's poor sweet little face after taking out the raisin was just too much! LOL! I love that Uncle Waddie was able to help out this week and I really dig his method of eating pizza in order to maximize his mouth's experience of different ingredients! LOL! You look so beautiful and happy in your pics and Tim looks great in that green shirt! How do you decide what gets destashed? Major separation? Lack of interest or use? Thank you so much for sharing all of this. This was super awesome to read/see:). XOXOXO