Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wet n' Wild Megalast Limited Edition Mattes

Hey guys!  Are you ready for some very budget-friendly matte polishes that are just in time to get Fall going full swing?  I'm talking about the Wet n' Wild Megalast Limited Edition Matte release.  The display looks like this, for reference:

If you'd like to see this review I did in video format on my channel, you can do so here:

Now I want to ask you guys a question.  My blogging buddies- those of you who do come join me here to see nail swatches and nail art(which has been seriously lacking these days because I've been so busy with my channel): When I post my video for you to watch here of the review and live application of a collection, are you more inclined to watch that, or just look at the swatch photos I usually post below?  Everything I'm telling you here in written word is being said and shown in my video review, so I'm not sure if what I write here has become a little incidental or irrelevant...

If I choose to no longer do a written review of each individual photo swatch you can still count on my blog to link the videos I upload so I wouldn't shut down my blog- I'm just not sure it's necessary to do both.  Please give me your opinions as I do value them so!

Let's look at these 6 mattes:
Distressed to Impress is a kind of olive/dusty brown.  This is two coats and it was a smooth and easy application.
 Careful, It's Vine-tage is a lovely deep grape.  Same as the polish above, this is two coats, no issues.

Echo Dark is a lovely crelly formula navy matte.  As you can see, these mattes aren't super dull, they still have quite a bit of shine to them, so perhaps we should be calling them satin finishes, I dunno.  This is two coats.

My favorite of the bunch is called LAC- my Mani?  and it's a lovely ivory/butter mint shade.  Totally unique to my collection, I suggest this one to you if you plan on picking up just one.  Two coats just like the rest.

This gorgeous sweet, siren red is called Rouge 66 and has the same formula as the blue- it's a crelly.  This is two coats and not super original.

Last up we have So Berry On Trend which is just a lovely warm berry.  Again I've shown you two coats and I had no issues here.

That's it!  Thanks for stopping by every one.  If you would do me a favor and weigh-in on my question from above, that would really help me a lot.  I hope you're having a great day and I'll see you back tomorrow :)

Song of the Day: The Bloody Beetroots- Chronicles of a Fallen Love

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  1. I definitely prefer reading a review on a a blog and looking at pics over watching a video - I'm a fast reader and a visual learner so I'm not patient enough for spokenl reviews. Oh, and thank you for the swatches of this collection! It looks awesome.

  2. I also prefer a written review for the same reason. Also, I tend to visit from work and they have disabled video streaming.

  3. Thanks so much for your input! :)

  4. Hey gurl! Lovely swatches, I am a BIG fan of your channel but I do prefer the blog for the same reasons ^ it's a little more convenient and easier to access from my phone while out and about too.

    1. Thanks so much for your input Yadi lady :) Hope you're feeling better!

  5. I read your blog just about daily, but I do regularly watch your swatch videos too, and I find them super useful for learning about the formula, and seeing the colors in different lighting. If you're okay with continuing to do both I'd totally love it.

  6. Humm I enjoy your YouTube channel more because I love the live swatches but I like these as well as the static pictures are nice to have for future reference and I can see how these colours look without having to try to remember which video they were swatched in and finding the spot. So I like both formats!

    1. So true, Norma! Very good point :) Thanks for the input!

  7. I can totally understand why you're considering whether or not to do both each and every time. I personally think your photos are more true to color than what you show in a video when you're live-swatching, and that's important to me. I wonder if it would be easier to just do a short video intro and a summary of thoughts at the end after basically doing a slideshow of your photo shots for those who can't be bothered to read the blog. This would be in lieu of talking about each individual color/formula, etc. prior to the live-swatch and subsequent photo. Or, continue with the in-depth video review and just show the photos on the blog with just a small blurb under each one instead of writing all of your thoughts about them? These are just ideas to minimize the hard work you're always putting in:). I love to see your beautiful face in the videos but later down the line when I'm looking to purchase a collection or a specific color, it's easier for me to refer back to your blog for the colors I'm looking for:). Don't know if this helped at all but there it is. Oh, and by the way, thanks to YOU of course, I found these at K-Mart and got them all. Almost missed them, too! They were on a higher display that I just caught from the corner of my eye as I was about to turn around and leave! LOL! THANK YOU SO MUCH:). XOXOXO