Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday Random Swatchfest 8-9-14

Hey everyone!  Happy Saturday :)  I hope you're having a great weekend with your loved ones and I'm so glad you stopped by today for our little swatchfest.  If you like to watch the review and live swatches you can do that here:

As for the photos:
OPI Cute Little Vixen is a delicious raspberry with tons of very fine gold shimmer in it.  This is gorgeous on the nail and applied without any issue at all.  This isn't my particular favorite just because the shade is overdone for me, but it is a nice polish if you're looking for something in this color.  This is two easy coats.  A

Nicole by OPI Find Your Passion is a pink/coral crelly polish that came out in a Spring collection that some years ago and I think I picked it up at a Marshalls or something.  The color is ok, it's been done a lot this year, and better by other brands.  I definitely don't have any problems with this polish, I am able to recommend it to you, but it's not my favorite.  Oh, and since it is older it has a very very thin brush.  I've shown you two coats here.  B

Peachy Keen by China Glaze is from the Spring 2010 Up and Away collection.  It's rather an earthier/warmer peach than we've seen lately from China Glaze and I think it's delightful.  I don't think this is my go-to peach polish, I think I prefer something a little brighter for peach, but I still enjoy it.  This is two coats.  A

From Color Club Safari Garden collection, this is Lion's Den.  We have a super lustrous rose gold shimmer/duochrome here.  It has a strong shift from rose to gold and I've shown you two coats which doesn't quite give you full opacity.  I really enjoy this shade and I like the surprise pop of pinky rose.  A-

Sinful Shine gave us this gorgeous teal cream that is truly a one coater although I've shown you two.  It is called My Kryptonite and don't get too excited peoples because this one stained my nails so bad I strongly suggest you stay far far away from this teal temptress.  She is baaaaad news!  It's such a shame because the formula is on point!  D

For blue I'm showing you Savina Light Mist which is just a very pale blue cream.  This one definitely needs two coats for opacity, you may even want to do three.  I think this one is really pretty, but not my favorite pale blue.  All-in-all I like the brand and I've found it at Nordstrom Rack in the past.  I've shown you two coats.  A-

This gorgeous deep plum/violet is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Trouble Maker.  I despise that Sally Hansen charges so much for their drugstore polishes, and raising the prices more every day, so I most certainly picked this up on sale.  The formula for this line is sooo good, and this one was no exception so I was happy surprised that it had even been put on sale at all.  You can probably get away with one coat here, but I've done two.  Love the color, love the formula, love it.  A

FingerPaints Where Art Renoir? has a black base that is packed with silver glitters.  I think this one is a nice way to change up your dark polish, adding a little sparkle.  You certainly need two coats here, but on that second coat it is nice and even and, I think, completely lovely.  I've shown you two coats.  A

This little lady is Orly Peaceful Opposition from the 2013 Hope and Freedom collection.  As you can see it's a sheer crelly base with different shaped silver glitters.  Definitely unique in my collection, I think this one is so fun!  Orly makes some of the most interesting glitters out there right now(indie polishes aside of course which are on a whole other level).  I did two coats for this swatch.  A

For my A+ polish, I'm showing you Spoiled Steel the Show, and that it does!  What a great Fall basic and you can pick it up at CVS for under two bucks.  It's polishes like this that help to support my anger over brands like Sally Hansen charging so much for their polish.  This little polish is amazing and every bit as good as many of the great neutrals you'll be seeing from higher end brands this Fall.  Pick it up; you'll enjoy it!  I've shown you two easy coats here.

And that's it!  Our swatchfest is over.  I hope you enjoyed this little peruse through my stash and these polishes were all so happy that they finally got their time to shine.  Have a fabulous day everyone and I'll see you back tomorrow, you little crazy polish fanatics :)

Song of the Day: James Blunt- Sun on Sunday

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