Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday Weekly Wrap-Up 8/27/14

Welcome back family and friends.  If you read my blog for polish- on Wednesdays I post one page completely devoted to what our family has been up to for the week so that family and friends far and wide have somewhere to go to find what we're up to.  I usually have a polish-related post up on Wednesdays too though so you can just look at the post just previous to this one :)  Let's get to some photos:
 She has to do everything he's doing...

 and then she realized he was in the perfect position to be ridden like a horse- except he wasn't about to move for anything lol

 We're always finding new hats around here.  This is the latest creation.

 Lol she had her whole chicken breast on a stick and of course began wandering around the house with it...Besides that- I love this shirt- it says "don't look at me, that smell is coming from daddy" :)

 She's always laying on this guy and sometimes he really enjoys it!

 Sweet buddies- and it looks like I got an action shot of him either spitting...hope not...or that's an otter pop wrapper in his mouth!  I hope it's the latter!

 This cutie is homeschooling this year- and he better not forget to do homework!  :)  We're very excited actually to have this new school year at home where we can make sure he's getting the education he needs!  Last year since we moved from the wonderful Alta Sierra Elementary School mid-year, he actually learned just about nothing for the second half of fourth grade and needs a lot of catch up to be at fifth-grade level as far as I'm concerned.  He's up to the task!

 Mom, I may have gotten into some chocolate ice cream and then eaten it the way every child does, which is to drip it all the way down to their feet....sounds about right, but let me take a picture of you quick before we clean everything up :)

Apparently we like Bob's Burgers so much around here that my oldest is morphing into Bob!

And that's all she wrote folks.  I hope you're all well and having a great week. Tim had cataract surgery on one eye today and is fitted with an eye patch to boot.  He'll have the other one done next week and he's very excited to not have to wear glasses every second of every day for the first time since he was about 9 or 10.  Besides that, it's pretty much business-as-usual around here.  We love you all very much and hope the time goes quickly til we see you again :)  See you back next Wednesday!

Song of the Day: Young Summer- Taken

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  1. I love how affectionate your kids are with each other. You guys clearly have a very loving home:). Your kids have so much personality! They must be a riot live and in person! LOL! That shirt little lady was wearing is hilarious! I've seen a few Bob's Burgers episodes and they were funny. I need to watch more. Thank you so much for sharing:). XOXOXO

  2. Thanks Jess! They are a handful, but a bundle of love, you are right! xoxo