Sunday, November 30, 2014

Saturday Random Swatchfest 11/29/2014

Hey there!  Thanks for stopping in for another weekly Swatchfest!  We're going to look at 10 random polishes from my collection that haven't appeared on this blog yet.  Hope you find something you like!  If you'd enjoy seeing these swatches painted on my nails, you can see live application here:

Let's get to it!

Zoya Posh is from the Matte Velvet collection that was released recently.  This is two easy coats without topcoat so  you can see it's not glaringly matte.  It's superpigmented and such a rich color.  A

For pink today we're looking at a polish from the brand Dermelect called Moxie.  It's a fairly pigmented medium, bubble-gum pink.  I had no issues with application, but there wasn't really anything special about this polish to warrant my spending as much on each of these little bottles that they're sold for($12).  You're looking at two coats.  A

Here is our orange polish- nails inc. Westbourne Grove.  This is advertised as a neon shade and I think it's fairly accurate because although it's not the brightest color ever, it has that kind of chalky, residue formula.  I admit, I didn't love this one.  You're looking at two coats without undies and it probably could have used a third coat but I wasn't going to mess with that :)  B-

For gold/yellow we're looking at Sally Hansen Satin Glam Go Gold.  This dries to a satin finish and I think it is rather stunning.  The gold is non-assuming and really special at the same time.  You can find this one on clearance at CVS currently so run over and grab it if you're interested.  A

You're looking at two coats of Orly Green Apple which is the perfect name for this shade.  It really did look like a juicy and delicious green apple on my nails.  Admittedly, this doesn't have a perfect formula- you may be able to see a bit of the nail there at two coats so I may have to do a third next time.  B+

Our blue polish today is this kind of white-washed blue from Covergirl called Skylight.  There's no reason to rush out and grab this one.  I actually was a little bummed at the lack of interest I had in this polish's blue.  Blue polishes I usually love, and while there were no issues with formula here, I just didn't feel the usual va-va-voom for this light blue.  B

 For purple we're looking at a Sally Hansen Triple Shine polish called Dream Sheen.  Right away you can see my main problem with this polish- it's super sheer. This is two coats and a third one doesn't even get you where you want.  Perhaps this polish is better served as a topper for a purple or gray polish :)  I do really like the purple/pink opalescence.  B-

 Our fabulous glitter polish today is OPI To Be or Not to Beagle from the Peanuts collection.  I found this at TJMaxx...already!  Actually it was sitting there along with three others from the collection so you may have the same luck at your store.  As you can it has black microglitters, black very thin bar glitters, and then black, light blue, dark blue, red, white, and orange hex glitters.  Such a fun mix- I feel like this polish pretty accurately depicts what my kids' rooms look like before they clean up.  I also had no issue getting enough product on the nail.  Loved it!  A

 Our neutral polish is Sparitual Freedom which is a dirty purple/mauve with tons of purple and pink shimmer in there.  The formula on this one wasn't my favorite.  Definitely still workable- but it didn't really get super even at two coats.  What do you think about this pretty-ugly polish?  B

Finally we have arrived at my A+ polish of the week.  I found this sparkling magesty of a polish at Marshalls- it is OPI Kiss Me at Midnight.  I could not take it off my nails this week.  I think it is my favorite liquid sand polish I have come across.  The blue is so vibrant and the silver with it creates this perfect of glitter...and I don't even like glitter!  Hah- if you see it, grab it fast!  It comes from the Mariah Carey Holiday collection and this is two coats.

So we have reached the end of another swatchfest.  I hope that you're having a great day and thanks for spending some of it with me :)  See you next time!

Song of the Day: Jimmy Eat World- How'd You Have Me

Over and out

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