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Saturday Random Swatchfest 11/08/2014

Welcome back Polish Peeps!!! I hope you've been having an absolutely fabulous day! :)  It's time to look at some random polishes- like we always do on Saturdays...even though I'm getting this uploaded early Monday morning.  Don't forget you can always find my Swatchfest on my channel every Saturday if you're looking for it and you can't find it here on my blog yet.  Here is the live application of all ten polishes:

Let's get started!

To get started, we're looking at Orly Retro Red which is a great red/orange and it dries semi-matte. Great two-coater here- this is a fun powerful red that just makes me want to work out...which is a really good thing lol.  A

For pink, we're looking at Nicole by OPI Rock the Look which is from the four-piece Roughles collection of textured polishes that dry with a bit of shine- but absolutely no shimmer.  I really enjoyed this one- as I do most textured polishes ;)  You're looking at two great coats. A

Our orange polish this week is Sinful Colors Anemone.  As far as orange polishes go, I do prefer shades like this that are a little softer and more wearable.  This is pretty much a one-coater but I've shown you two here as I always do.  A

We're on a roll here, people!  Another polish that gets an A from me is OPI You're So Flippy Floppy and I'm like dying over how gorgeous this is.  My search for the perfect yellow polish is never-ending.  It seems like polish brands have such a hard time getting the yellow formula just right.  Just to be clear, I understand this is a shimmer you eliminate the problem of having a perfect consistency...because it's textured so the uneven surface is desireable.  However, I am so in love with the gorgeous sunny quality of this polish.  I could not stop staring at it.  If you spot this little pack of 4 minis, snatch it up!

For green today we're looking at this delicious green apple color,  It's Zoya Tracie and it has some pretty micro shimmer running through it.  I have to admit- the shimmer quality actually made this polish less attractive to me.  However, formula-wise this one's great, so if you're into how this one looks, you won't be disappointed with the performance.  B-

For blue I'm showing you this baby blue perfection of a cream which is Color Club In De-Nile.  Two fabulous coats, I really think this is my favorite pastel blue I've come across.  No issues with formula here, I'M.IN.LOVE. :)  I don't think I can be more clear- divine.  A

Sally Hansen Satin Glam Taffeta is our purple polish this week.  I absolutely loved this one and I spy that there are a number of other Satin Glam polishes just like this one at the drug store.  I found this in a clearance bin somewhere so I'm not about to spend 7 bucks on each of the others in this collection, but I know that they're fabulous if I see any more of them on clearance.  It's kind of a deep orchid shade with tons of holographic shimmer and it dries to a perfect satin finish.  A

A real classic in my collection is China Glaze Stone Cold which is another polish this week that dries satin or matte.  It's like we've got a theme here!  Guys, I can't recommend this one to you enough.  I feel like it's equal parts charcoal black and silver.  Such a great mixture!!  Even better- this looks fabulous with a glossy top coat!  Such a great option for a dark nail.  A

For glitter we're looking at FingerPaints Three's a Party which is made up of semi-matte blue, green, yellow, and orange hex glitters.  They are all in muted tones which I really like- probably my favorite thing about the polish.  This applied ok...I did need two coats, and the clear base wasn't over messy or anything, but mine came with a wonky brush and I wasn't absolutely wild about one. However, I do enjoy that it's kind of a subtle, fun, colorful topper.  B

Ok guys, I hope you're ready for this.  Today in the A+ slot, I'm sharing with you probably my favorite purple polish I have in my collection- if not my favorite polish period.  There is something about this purple that just slays be.  By the way- it's Avon Luxe Lavender.  One of the polishes I've had the longest, it's such perfection.  The color is amazing, the formula/finish is outstanding, and the wear is great.  If you haven't tried any Avon polishes, I highly suggest you do, and you must include this polish in your order.  I think I'm going to paint every room in my house this color, like today!

What did you think?  Did you enjoy any of these and what were you wearing on your nails this week? I hope you're having a great day and I'll see you back next time :)

Song of the Day: Trails and Ways- Nunca

Over and out

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