Sunday, November 9, 2014

Amour Fall 2014 Live Application and Review

Welcome back.  Today we're taking a look at Amour's Fall 2014 collection of 6 polishes.  I wanted to give this brand a try again after being disappointed with their quality a few seasons back, and I have to say, they really are still rather hit and miss for me.  If you'd like to see the live application video I made of these polishes, then you can do so here:

Let's look at these polishes!
First off we've got Berry Buttoned Up which is an iridescent plum with tons of micro holographic glitter.  This one really does have a lustrous appearance, but I couldn't quite get on board with the color.  The super bright plum was one thing, and then throw holographic glitter on top of it was a little excessive.  This is two coats, and all swatches will be at two coats.

The creams in the collection start off with this kind of dull gray called Clean Slate.  I really love gray polishes but this one didn't quite have enough depth for me.  All the creams in this collection are a little too thin, but are still nice colors.

The next cream in this collection is this lovely sand color called Do I Look Buff?  Again, I really like this color but it's thin and kind of lifeless-feeling.  It's unfortunate because the shade is so pretty. Again- two coats here.

Hello Merlot is the last cream.  As you can see it's a vibrant classic red.  Same problem here though- it's just too thin.  I definitely have other reds that I'd chose over this one just because it doesn't give you that richness a cream should have.

Rake on the Green is my least favorite in the collection.  It's an uber-dark green crelly and it's just not attractive.  It's cloudy and not in a good way.  This one was just meh for me.

Who's Cider Are You On? is the last in the collection.  Again we have a super-lustrous rich shade with tons of holographic shimmer.  This one I enjoyed a bit more than the purple because the base color is a nice neutral shade.  This is probably my favorite out of the group because it feels like it has some substance.  It also had a nice formula.

Did you see anything here that you liked?  Have you ever tried this brand?  I purchased them from

I hope you're having a great day!  See you back next time.

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