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Saturday Random Swatching: 10/19/13

Hello readers!  I'm guessing if you're here- you wanna indulge in some nail swatch love today.  Well Saturdays are the day to look at some polishes that have been dwelling in my collection without a chance to be featured yet.  Let's get to it:
Sinful Colors Get it On is from their recent Leather Luxe release which is a bunch of matte finish Fall shades. I picked up a few and they don't have the greatest formula but this one leveled out ok after two coats.  A lot of people don't like matte finishes but I actually really love them.  Kind of like with frost finishes- it isn't my favorite but I really like to be able to mix it up day to day- there's something about matte finish that is somewhat calming to me :)  This is light a medium to dark raspberry shade and I think when you take the sticky formula into account I give this shade a B

This gorgeous mango/cantaloupe shade is Color Club In Theory from the Kaleidoscope Collection and I think it's the perfect orange mixed with pink and it looks so feminine to me.  This formula was fine- pretty typical for Color Club which is kind of a mix between buttery smooth and kinda iffy.  Color Club polishes sell for the same price as OPIs at most retailers but while they are more adventurous with their colors than OPI, in my opinion the formula is not of the same standard so I really like it when I luck out and find them for a buck a piece at Ross or Marshalls.  A-

Rimmel London Posh Pink is really kapow, in your face, hot pink.  This also glided on effortlessly and I was really impressed with the formula.  Rimmel London only has just a few polishes in their drug store display but they are all equally smooth and easy to apply.  Sometimes I've seen them on clearance at CVS stores and if you find them on sale- take advantage- you'll enjoy the formula.  A

Avon Radiant is one of the sheerer shades from their Cosmic Collection.  This is a pale yellow/gold cosmic polish which almost leans on the green side which is interesting.  They each have finely-milled holographic shimmers throughout which are really beautiful but as I've mentioned before about this line is that it isn't a truly holographic finish like you can find from like the China Glaze holo polishes for example. However, they are all still very beautiful.  This is two coats- and as you can see it's not really opaque at two. A-

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Perfect Pear-ing is soooo gorgeous but let you be warned- this formula is horrid! You can't tell from this picture because I worked hard to even it out- but literally it was like goop in the bottle.  It's so sad because the color is beautiful and had the formula been as nice this would probably be my A+ color of the week- maybe the month.  Usually I'm a big fan of the Xtreme Wear Brand, but not this latest collection which includes the colors Razz-Berry, Pinch of Punch, Peach Beach, Lemon Zest, Kiwi Bikini, Blueberry Blast and Berry Juicy- so Beware! C-

This is so pretty!  I'm such a sucker for blues, and Barielle Island Breeze is no exception.  This had smooth and easy application and the gorgeous shimmer running throughout really livens up the shade.  I believe I found this one at Marshalls in a five pack for a couple bucks.  Barielle is a brand that is sometimes hit and miss for me so you take your chances with it.  Definitely not a polish I will ever pay full price for- but when you find it on super clearance sometimes you luck out- like with this one.  A

Sephora by OPI Domestic Goddess is the sister to the polish What a Broad by the same brand and since the shades are so close it's hard not to compare the two and give this one a rougher grade.  This is two coats, and as you can see it was kinda patchy and uneven.  The shade is gorgeous but I think it would need three coats to be satisfying- but three coats of a dark polish like this? No thank you! Talk about staining for your poor little nails if you don't double up on the base coats.  For all these elements I give Domestic Goddess a C which I hardly ever give purple polishes.  So sad lol.

Ok- this color is horrendous and I do not know how it ever got marketed.  This is Maybelline Color Show High Style Sienna and it was in the clearance bin at Rite Aid for 75 cents which is kind of a red flag right off the bat.  It was in there with six of it's brothers and sisters and I picked up a few of them- but this one is by FAR the crazy nastiest-looking one lol.  Kind of like the first polish I featured- it's a matte finish on purpose- but throw in the little flakes that each polish in this Leather collection has, and then the awkward color- it all equals disaster.  If that weren't enough- the polishes are all so difficult to manage.  They dry practically on contact so you can't even do the three stroke method to paint your nail- all you can get through is two strokes and so right off the bat you have an uneven look.  Bleh- steer clear of this collection ladies.  D

China Glaze Whirled Away is a super fun multi-sized and multi-colored hex glitter with black bar glitter thrown in for good measure.  It's in clear base so you can pretty much rock this glitter with any color for your base and I have it over China Glaze OMG a UFO.  This is from their Cirque Du Soleil Collection.  I had to do just a little fishing to get the amount of glitter on the nail that I wanted, but not so bad as other glitter with big bits so I give it an A-

As for my A+ color of the week, I give you Sparitual Strength and this brand of polish is quickly becoming one of my favorite out there.  You can find them on sale at Marshalls and this color in particular is just heaven.  You're looking at two coats and the I love that the shimmer throughout that you can see in the bottle, truly shows up on the nail.  They don't have the most inventive line of polishes(in comparison to China Glaze for instance) but they are of great quality and I haven't been disappointed with a single bottle I've tried.

That's it for today dolls!  Which polishes did you enjoy out of the bunch, and have you tried any of them?  Do you have a favorite polish I haven't featured here on Random Swatching Saturdays that I definitely need to check out? Let me know in the comments below :)  Until next time- stay fabulous!

Song of the Day: Daft Punk- Instant Crush
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