Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hey everyone.  Happy Tuesday- only two more days til Halloween!! Since on Wednesdays I do weekly photo recaps this is my second-to-last spooky mani for the year and I think this is my favorite so far...but who knows what I'll come up with for Thursday...no pressure, self.  We have zombies today!!!  Do you like zombies?  I like mildly-scary zombies but the 1968 Night of the Living Dead scared the pants off of me for years and years after I first saw it as a child.  "They're coming to get your Barbara," will be forever burned in my brain- even though that first zombie they encounter is not covered in blood with his face half eaten away as they makeup zombies in today's films, that scene is so eerie.  If you don't know what I mean- google it. Here's what I came up with today:

 Don't know if I necessarily captured the 1968 original make-me-wet-my-pants-with-fright zombie, but it pretty much captures how I feel about zombies- they're soulless brain-munching scary guys that are coming to get me!!  The base polish I used for this look is e.l.f Mint Cream which ended up being just perfect for this kind of dusty dead-green base I was looking for.  Here it is at two coats:
I seriously like the cream formula from this brand.  You might have noticed I used an e.l.f. polish for my deadly manicure from yesterday as well...hmm- maybe they have dead chic down.  But ya, I should think about picking up some more heh heh cuz I don't have enough nail polish.  The rest of the detailing for the look was done with acrylic paints and if you've never tried that for your nail art before- they are heaven-sent. Just remember to thin them down if you're doing very detailed work- and thin down your brush too!  I hope you enjoyed this look and I didn't scare you too much! Just enough, muahahaha.  See you back tomorrow for my weekly wrap-up, xoxo.

Song of the Day: Two Door Cinema Club- Do You Want it All?
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