Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday Random Swatching and 300th Post!

Hey guys!  First off- welcome to my 300th blog post!! After a month of the daily nail art challenge- my Saturdays are free again to show you some random swatches in all shades of the rainbow.  Let's get right in:

Avon Supernova is from their Cosmic collection which is that almost-holographic range of colors.  Even though they can't actually be called holographic, the shades are all gorgeous and this one is no exception.  This is two even coats and one of my favorites from the collection because it is one of the more opaque. A

Nina Ultra Pro Pink Flamingo is a very friendly pink cream that is like a really good basic pink for your collection.  It's formula is precisely what a cream should be and you're looking at two easy coats.  It's not the most interesting color, but like I said, it's a good basic and very sweet. A

Amour '72 Convertible Stingray is such a fun color.  It's kind of a sunshine creamsicle orange but let me tell you, the formula from this Amour collection is not fun to work with.  Pretty much every one of their Chere Spring 2013 collection was a hot mess with a formula so sticky it took a lot of work to get it smooth on the nail which is a shame because there were so many pretty colors.  It kept me from picking up any from their Summer 2013 collection because in reality, pretty much all of their shades can be found in China Glaze's vast array of polishes and they usually have a more reliable formula.  If any of you have tried the Amour Summer 2013 collection and found the formula to be nice, let me know- I would be happy to know they improved. C

Ok, do I even need to state that this color is off-the-charts amazing?? This is Sephora by OPI Rumba Romance and the shimmer and glow in this lady is regal.  I feel like Cleopatra would wear this shade of polish- and the formula is a dream.  This is like the perfect mix of bronze and gold.  I loved this one so much, I ordered 7 more from this brand on and when they get here I can tell you if a great formula seems to be a given for this brand.  A

Pure Ice Wild Thing is a super fun apple green but sadly has a horrible formula(at least my bottle did)  :( because it was gloopy and sticky which is really too bad.  This brand really is hit or miss with it's creams and I always know that going into a purchase.  I would say pick another spring/lime green on the market- there are lots such as China Glaze Def Defying, NYC Apple Fizz, and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Wear Grass Slipper.  C

Milani Bolting Blue on the other hand is pure brilliance.  I'm a major sucker for vibrant blue polishes and this one pretty much takes the cake.  It's nearly a one-coater and it is so great for nail art and really makes a statement on its own as well!  I give it an A.

China Glaze Beach Cruise-R is a crazy ka-pow neon from 2012 Summer Neons collection.  This swatch is not done over a base of white polish which sometimes makes neons pop more- but I wanted to see if this little lady could hold her own.  She does pretty well, don't you think?  She was a little less opaque than I'd like, so I had to use three coats, but you find that with a lot with neons.  I really love this color.  A

Fingerpaints Warm He-art-ed makes a good effort of creating a glowing tan by adding some reflects gold, and while it is very pretty, it's just a little too runny and sheer which is a shame because it needs just that little something extra to make it be able to stand on it's own.  I think I prefer China Glaze Fast Track, which is a little different, but it's along the same lines and in comparison- Fast Track shows what is up!  B

Ulta Love Fern over NYC Mulberry Street is as you can see a multi-dimensional teal glitter which I think is just divine.  I really like this color combination and I much prefer glitters with at least more than one size of glitter if it's to be the main feature of my dressed-up nails.  I think this is two coats.  A

As for my A+ color of the week- we have Kleancolor Sparkling Grapes.  I used this for a mani I did on my mom for a wedding she attended and this was featured solo on most nails, and in the floral accent nails as well.  I knew then I wanted to feature it as the A+ color on a Saturday swatching because it is just fabulous.  As with most Kleancolor shades it takes extra care in dry time, both between coats and after you've got everything on, but do it- it's worth it!  You can't even see in this picture as well as in person, but the silver shimmer throughout is just stunning!  Love it

Well that's it for our random swatching; hope you enjoyed having this feature back on my blog.  Happy Saturday!

Song of the Day: Radiation City- Foreign Bodies
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