Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday Random Swatching 10/26/2013

Hey ya'll!  Are you ready for some swatches?  Let's see which ones make the grade this week.

China Glaze Hot Lava Love is a shimmer red on the pinky side.  I really liked this one- it's flattering on the nails and the formula was great.  Definitely needs two coats to get it opaque.  This might be from their base line because I couldn't find a collection it belonged to.  A

This one was a surprise love for me.  It looked so bland in the bottle, but it was deliciously sweet and it applied nicely in two coats.  This is Barielle Lotsa Love and yes those are really my  Usually I have a break on at least one nail before they get this long.  I believe this bottle came in a set of 5 or 6 polishes at Marshalls for about 6 bucks.  A

Look at this juicy orange shimmer that is Spoiled Orange You Glad.  So vibrant and if you like orange polishes this will really delight you because this polish is only two bucks at CVS and often they are buy one get one free or half off!  This is two coats, easy to apply and no staining.  A

I didn't have a yellow polish to show you this week, but I'm using OPI Sit Under the Apple Tree to represent because it is a yellow green polish with tons of yellow shimmer.  This color is very pleasing in general, perhaps not so much on the nail because this is three coats and still not opaque.  However if that doesn't really bother you, then you might really like this one because honestly I have nothing like it in my collection so it might fill that space in yours.  B because of the opacity.

This color should be my featured polish this week, but it was barely beat out.  This is Ulta Envy and look at how luxe that deep green shimmer/frost is!  Wow- this shade is going to be perfection this winter and it makes for very vibrant nail art.  Simply love this shade.  Honestly- the Ulta polishes are some of my favorite for formula consistency across the board and sometimes you can find them for just two bucks.  Can you tell I'm a bargain polish collector?  Two perfect coats: A

Say hello to Wet n Wild Shine Listening to Blue Reed.  This isn't quite opaque at two coats, but otherwise I really like it.  I found it in their Pop Art Craze collection, but it was after my Kmart already put all those products on clearance for 50 cents...but then I found it later again at a CVS for full price(a dollar- gasp!) So you might still find these shades around- which include a lighter blue, a dusty purple, a few greens- all super bright.  A-

This little beauty is Nicole by OPI Purple Yourself Together which was a Spring 2012 Target exclusive that I guess I found in a sale bin together, but I just love it because it combines purple and gold/yellow which are two of my faves that you rarely see paired!  This isn't super super opaque at two coats, but I don't mind because I love the shade so much!  A

As for the neutral color this week, we have Sinful Colors Nude...which is really caramel for a nude, but I still enjoy the shade.  I wish I could say this formula was perfection, but sometimes it is hit and miss for this brand(more often hit).  This is two coats and as you can see it's a bit thick.  What do you think of this shade? I think it could be a love/hate fine line kind of color.  B because I love a great nude, and I just don't reach for this one compared to some others.

Our glitter polish this week comes from Avon's small glitter collection and it's called Sparkling Gold.  I have it at two coats here, layered over Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl.  I usually don't prefer one-dimensional glitters(all the same size and color) but this one really is nice for it's delicate and beautiful simplicity.  A

Ok, top look this week is NYC Precious Peacock layered over Orly Black Vinyl.  I was slightly disappointed with this polish when I had it on it's own because it appeared very weak out of the bottle, and then it dawned on me to layer it over black and KAPOW!  I am in love :)  AND the best part is this bottle was on the shelf at one dollar.  If that was a sale price- they can't retail for any more than 2 bucks.  This is very similar to the Ulta shade, you'll notice, but it's more teal than green.  Just perfection- two coats over one of black.  A+

Which of these little puppies was your favorite polish of the week?  Do you have a new favorite find you added to your collection this week that I haven't mentioned?  Tell me in the comments below so I can check it out!  Well that's it for this week.  Hope you're happy and well and I'll see you back tomorrow for another Halloween design.  Hint- it's something sticky!

Song of the Day: Mick Hucknall- Yolanda
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Over and out.

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