Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up: 10/16/13

It's Wednesday again which means I fill you in on what's up with us since last Wednesday.  Honestly- not much :)  Last week I had a picture-heavy post because I was covering a whole month's worth of activity.  This week has been about school for the boys, work for Tim and just regular chick stuff for the little lady and me, you know, playing, cleaning, cooking, singing and dancing.  We have a few around here with the sniffles and just in time because school is out for this whole week.  Mostly we've just been hangin' out, more trips to the punkin patch and parks, and enjoying the last of this beautiful weather.  Here are some quick pics from our week:

This pic of some new decor I threw up hastily on my bedroom wall represents my little disaster of the week. I had three DIY nail polish racks hanging there(as you can see one empty is still on the wall) and two fell down this week with bottles shattering upon impact(major sad face).  After extensive clean up I removed all the polish off the wall racks and I decided to put up some finished but unframed needlework that were just sitting in a box waiting to be framed.  My wall was so bare and desolate after the polish disaster and it being blank just reminded me of the failures of my homemade racks lol.  Now I get to look and these pieces of art while I await a time when I can purchase some good, sturdy racks off amazon.  You know- sometimes DIY does not pay off and if you're going to make your own polish racks, beware not to fill them completely and don't expect them to last more than a year!

I posted this picture to my instagram this week- and it's even harder to make out once it's blown up on the computer, but there's a praying mantis somewhere in there for you to find- eating a bumblebee :(  We found this little monster on a nature walk.

Another super blurry camera phone pic...sorry- but I was happy to attend my girl Shannon's baby shower this week to celebrate her miracle.  Such a beautiful day at Lake Wildwood... and my kids all went for a dip, fully clothed, in the lake in October and came home with colds hah!

The dude on the right was making this face for no reason at all, so copycat on the left joined in.

Can't say I haven't employed a little Netflix this week of no school.  Happy bug = happy sane mommy!

Lunch with my Mom after our girls' morning out.  Isn't she cute?  Ok, that was the last of the lousy camera phone pics.

Dude spent some allowance money on Xbox entertainment this no-school week.  Yay Kinect for getting kids up off their bums!

Catching little goofball in a very silly moment.

These fit pretty durn good!

Little sicky pants too tuckered out, fell asleep right on the ipad.

Lastly, October means it's time to get a little spooky- and while we don't have our costumes picked out yet, I do get to be as festive as I want on my nails and today marks my first posting of Halloween nails.

 Beware this happy little Dracula- he fools you with his innocent face and then grabs you with his menacing little fingers!

Hope you enjoyed this look today! Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you are your family are well and happy.  Lots of love your way!

Song of the Day: Bag Raiders- Castles in the Air
*this link is provided for its audio and not video content*

Over and out.


  1. your nail polish rack broke D: i feel your pain, i would be devastated if that happened to me :'(
    what did you stick it onto the wall with?

  2. Hey girl- the rack was screwed into the wall through the board that I used to craft the rack- but the heaviness of the polish over time was slowly breaking down/expanding the area around each screw- until eventually kablam- sadness.