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Saturday Random Swatching 10/12/13

Hello everyone and welcome to another Saturday which means another post of polish swatch spam.  I'm gonna pick ten shades at random from my swatched folder, except the last one will be my choice for A+ color of the week.  When it comes to polish collecting, there are so many gems that can go unsung just sitting in my helmer because let's get real- my memory's not too good- and I have way too much polish.  When I get a new bottle I swatch it on my nails and file it on my computer so I can remember what it looks like and I don't forget any of the little pretties.  Saturday swatching gives me a good place to give them each their turn in the sun. :)  Let's get started!

Wow, way to kick off this swatchathon self- this polish packs a major punch!  This is Sinful Colors Energetic Red, and it is quite aptly named.  You're looking at two smooth coats and I really love this mega-watt red cream that  you can't help but notice.  It's not quite true apple red, is it?  It's slightly off which makes it all the more soft and desirable to me.  Love it.  A

Say hello to the adorable OPI Didgeridoo Your Nails.  This is about as short as I ever take my nails- this must have been after a breakage or something and I was taking them all down for a fresh start.  I love the rose reflects gold in this polish.  When polishes take an already gorgeous shade and then turn the volume up just a bit with a little reflection it is absolutely one of my favorite compositions.  Typical to OPI this formula was fabulous.  This is two coats.  A.

Yesterday I featured some nail art using a textured polish, and here's another one for you.  This is China Glaze Toe-tally Textured and it's kind of a sunny orange.  At first, like I mentioned yesterday, I really wasn't into these really gritty formulas.  I preferred OPI's take on the trend.  However, over time I've definitely come to love each for their differences.  What's your take on it?  This is two coats.  A.

Barielle Gelt Me to the Party was soooo close to being my A+ color this week.  Do you see how luminous she is? almost shining from the inside out?  If anything she is even more brilliant in person.  This svelte bronze with just a hint of gold...ugh- to die for :)  This is two coats, and I found this randomly at some Marshalls and what a lucky find.  Love it.  A

I own a very few Essie colors because they don't really have my favorite formula for the price point but this is one I couldn't pass up- it's Go Overboard from their nautical collection of the same name.  It's a deep teal cream, which is always worrisome for staining problems which it did do a bit, but i sure is smooth and creamy in two coats.  I think this is a great option for your Fall looks. I'll give it an A- because I love the color but I hate the staining!!

Ok, divinity is the polish brand Zoya.  I don't own many of them simply because of price point and availability in my area, but this brand is flawless.  Here is Zoya Skylar and she is a slate blue with tons of reflects in there.  I see gold and silver, what do you see?  You're looking at two coats and if you ever find these puppies on sale I recommend you give em a try! A

This is Julep Ciara from the October It Girl monthly box.  She is a dark plum with reflects blue running all throughout.  This is kinda like those reflects top coats over black- but it's all in one polish which is fabulous! I love topper polishes which take any polish to the next level and this polish was like- let's skip that step and start out elevated :) You're looking at two coats.  A.

The only frosted polish from this batch- this is Ulta Brownette.  Now I know many many polish lovers out there do not love equally, and usually the odd lady out is the frost polish.  What I have to say on the subject is let's cut little frosty polish a break!  Sure she shows brush strokes sometimes, and the glassy finish shows bumps on the nails the easiest- but I say- so what?  If I like a hue and the bottle's formula isn't a major drag, well then I love it the same as if it's a cream or a delicious crelly.  Who's with me?  I think this will be a great Fall shade, and it's fab for nail art too.  A.

My glitter polish for this week is Sally Hansen Gem Crush Bejeweled over Sinful Colors Over It.  As you can see it's a purple microglitter in a clear base with slightly larger pink hex glitter throughout.  I might have needed to layer this over a different color to get the punch out of this polish that I was hoping to get.  It's still pretty but I was hoping for kapow!  As with every glitter I've ever had on my nails, it's a pain to clean off. All things taken into consideration, I give it a B+

Ok, hello gorgeous!  This is my A+ color for the week and it is Color Club Abyss from the Kaleidoscope collection.  This little lady is a one-coater!  I love her for that, but then look at the bright creamy goodness of this turquoise!  This is love in a bottle.  :)  I found my Kaleidoscope collection for like 7 bucks at a Ross. They sometimes carry the little boxed collections and if you see them snag them because the polishes usually go for 7 bucks a piece.  Good deal, right?

Well that's it for today.  I usually post where I find each polish, but I haven't done it a few times and no one mentioned missing that- so let me know if you want to know where to find a certain brand.  Happy Saturday to everyone and have a fabulous weekend!

Song of the Day: Muse- Follow Me- I LOVE this song- it sounds like he may have written it for his baby daughter :)
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Over and out.

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