Sunday, September 1, 2013

31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2013 Day 1: Red

Hello all my polish lovers!  As with a number of other nail bloggers out there I am doing the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge again this year.  I did it last year when I had first started my blog, and it really helped me decide that I wanted to designate this web space of mine as a nail blog.  I'm going to give it a go again, and with a whole year under my belt of nearly daily polishing/painting I'm hoping I'll have greater creative results and become even more inspired for my blog.  Here is the prompt for the challenge thanks to Chalkboard Nails:

Here is her blog and another one of my favorite bloggers doing the challenge right now as well is Sammy the Nailasaurus at  Seriously check them out and either follow along with us during the challenge or join in too!  If you do, make sure you share your blog with me in the comments below so I can follow you or share your pics with me on my facebook page at

Day 1, as you can see, is all about RED NAILS.  Here's what I was inspired to paint:
 So what is red? Red, red roses- that's what!  I started off with China Glaze Red Satin which is a perfect red crelly.  Over top of that I started with some red acrylic and painted the petals to my rose on the ring finger.  Then I mixed the red with some white and blended various pinks and reds on the rose, and even some darkened red that was mixed with a bit of black.  Then using black I outlined the petals of the rose and added a little leaf on the side.  On each of the other nails I just drew some stems with more acrylic, and after generous wait time, topcoated the whole thing.

So what would you paint if you were doing this challenge.  What about red inspires you?  I hope some of you join with me.  I'll see you back tomorrow for Day 2: Orange!

Song of the Day: Mt. Wolf- Veins
*note- this link is provided for its audio and not video content*

Over and out.

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