Sunday, September 22, 2013

31DC2013 Day 22: Song

Hello there :) Happy to see you again today.  If you're here that means you're lookin for some great nail art love.  We're deep into the 31 day nail art challenge and today's order of the day is a nail art look inspired by a song.  For my inspiration I chose a song by the great Kate Boy titled In Your Eyes.  If you frequent my blog you'll know that I am as much a music fiend as I am that of nail art and polish.  I feature a song of the day every day at the bottom of each post.  As you can probably guess, I had a million songs boppin' around my brain for this day of the challenge, but I went with a song that literally reverberates through my veins every time I play it.  There's something about it- listen and hopefully you'll see what I mean.  Here's the link to the official video for it:

As you can see the video's definitely quirky and here's the quirky nail art I came up with inspired by the song:

Creeped out yet by the eye wide open staring at you? :)  This one was sooo fun :) and I wore it for a few days and people were like there's an eyeball on your nails?!?  Then of course I got to explain why and give Kate Boy a shout out lol.  What would you paint for a nail art inspired by a song? There are way too many great songs to choose from I know.  There could be a whole blog inspired by that topic and probably is :)
In case you're wondering- the base color for all the non-eye nails is Jordana Sapphire which I have swatched for you here:
This is three coats, and still I see a little vnl in this picture.  Watch out for it's sheer quality- but it is a gorgeous color all the same.  That's all for me today folks.  Hope to see you back tomorrow for nail art inspired by a movie.  Have a great Sunday everyone!

Song of the Day: Darius Maliblue
*this link is provided for it's audio and not video content*

Over and out.

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