Friday, September 13, 2013

31DC2013 Day 13: Animal Print

It's Friday, Friday!  Hey ya'll I have a super loud, wild mani for you today!  The challenge is animal print and as I said yesterday, we're still in Summer mode here.  Welcome to my neon tigress mani:

 This is just your basic freehand mani- done with black acrylic and a detail brush.  The color- the COLOR- is the incredible Spoiled Jail Bait which is basically the exact color of the correctional facility jumpsuits which is where the name is derived from I'm guessing.  Basically this color is so bangin' that when I swatched it the other day I just knew it had to be the base of my tigress nails.  I mean, I know neon can get obnoxious by the end of Summer, but I couldn't resist.  These are definitely stop-em-in-their-tracks nails.  So what is your favorite animal print?  I don't think I even have anything in my closet with animal print on it- but hey- that's what nail art is for! It's the cost-friendly fierce accessorizer :)

Here is two coats of Jail Bait(a jelly polish) over two coats of white:
This picture doesn't even do this neon justice- it is out of this world :)  Well that's it for today- see you back tomorrow for floral print.

Song of the Day: M83- We Own the Sky
*this link is provided for it audio and not video content*

Over and out.

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