Tuesday, September 3, 2013

31DC2013 Day 3: Yellow

Hey it's Day 3: Yellow of the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge and I'm glad you stopped by to see what I came up with today.  So- what things are yellow?? Bees that's what! I decided to do a little striping and put a busy little bee on the accent finger.  These stripes weren't achieved with striping tape, although that is a good method, but I already had three layers of polish on my nails because the yellow was layered over white and I just didn't have the patience to let it all dry enough for striping tape.  Therefore, I did my best to keep the lines straight and my hand steady.  

The yellow is Fingerpaints Art-Nouv Yellow and the black detailing is all done with black acrylic.  One of the nice things about using acrylic paint for your nail art is that if you make a mistake- you can take it off with a cotton swab and alcohol and it won't disturb your paint underneath.  So what do you think? What would you have painted for a day inspired by the color yellow?  Or paint up some right now!! And share them with me on my facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/GlimpsesOfTheMoon

Here is Art-Nouv Yellow on it's own- two coats over one coat of white:

Hope you're enjoying following along on this challenge with me- and check in on me so I have accountability to get it done ;)  It's not too late to start the challenge if you want to join in the fun! Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!

Song of the Day: Haerts- Wings(New Version)
*this link is provided for it's audio and not video content*

Over and out.

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