Tuesday, September 24, 2013

31DC2013 Day 24: Book

Howdy campers!  If you've been following along, you'll know that my post title implies that this is the 24th day of the 31 day nail art challenge and that today's prompt is nail art inspired by a book.  And if this is your first time stopping by- well then now you know!  Ok, just like yesterday's film prompt- there are sooo many choices for today's inspiration.  I decided to go with a classic that my 9 year old could even figure out right away.  Let's see if you can.  Here is the manicure:

Well, if you guessed Charlotte's Web, you are correct!  Such a classic, hopefully we've all read it, and most likely seen a film version of it.  Here's the photo I used for inspiration

The base color I used for the background is NYC Water Street Blue which you see here at two coats:

After base coat I used white, silver, and black acrylic paints to create the web and little Charlotte.  This wasn't your regular old spider web.  If you look at the art from the film Charlotte's web is very irregular and somewhat messy.  That's just what makes her more of an individual and like a real living character :)  That's what I tried to recreate on each nail.  I hope you enjoyed this look today and if you meet me back here tomorrow you'll see more nail art for day 25- nails inspired by fashion.  Hope you have a great day!

Song of the Day: Jenny O.- Good Love
*this link is provided for it's audio and not video content*

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