Monday, September 23, 2013

31DC2013 Day 23: Movie

First things first- yes I majorly changed the look of my blog- but you are in the right place.  My little nail art world that you've grown used to finding daily nail art, reviews and general fabulosity is all still the same, with different cosmetics- that's the only thing that's changed.  You know, it's been over a year since I started this blog, and I was simply ready for a change, cleaning house :)  At the top right bar you'll find a slideshow of my nail art and if you see something you like and live locally- send me a line and we can get some fabulous on your nails!

Now that's taken care of, let me saw wow- here we are people- last full week of September!  Whoever said time flies when you're having fun was so astute.  My life feels like it's whirlwinding right  by me and my kids just growing up way too fast!  I mean there are definitely points in the day where I feel like I'm going to pull my hair out, don't get me wrong, but in general I know each moment is whizzing by and we're already getting into Holiday season- Ack!

We should move on to today's topic.  The 31 Day Nail Art Challenge day 23 is all about the movies.  Pick a movie and design a manicure inspired by that film.  If you frequent my blog you'll know that I have a feature called Movie and a Mani crop on my blog from time to time where I do just that- pick a recently-released film, create some nail art to go with it and give a review of the film.  This blog does combine a number of my loves besides nail art(such as music and film) and so today is really fun and feels like a regular old day on my blog.  I won't be giving you a full review for my movie of choice today- The Pink Panther- but just know that we love it and it's a great family night movie.  In fact we were just watching it the other night and that's how I decided to feature it for today's challenge.  I'm talking about the Steve Martin version of the film by the way, even though the original is fabulous as well; my kids really like watching the 2006 edition.  Here is a still from the film:

If you aren't familiar with the movie I fully recommend it for it's family-friendly mystery and outrageous Steve Martin antics.  The nail art I painted inspired by the film is here:

So, as you can see I painted the panther and his paw print.  Even though, in the film- the pink panther isn't an actual panther at all but rather a large pink diamond, I wanted to draw the cute little guy that I remember so well from my childhood.  I started out with a base of Julep Neicy on all fingers but the ring finger- which has two coats of OPI Cuckoo for this Color.  Then I drew the paw in Neicy and shaded the paw and panther in Color Club Flamingo and finished it all up with a detailing brush and black acrylic.
Again- super fun challenge day, but I am partial to movie manis :)  Thanks for stopping by- I hope you enjoyed this look and that you get out your paints!  Show me your creations on my facebook page at

Song of the Day: Bag Raiders- Shooting Star
*this link is provided for it's audio and not video content*
It should be obvious cuz I post them on my blog- but I love this music- everyone listen!! ;)

Over and out.

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