Thursday, September 19, 2013

31DC2013 Day 19: Galaxy Nails

Hello and welcome to my nail world :)  Today we're going to get expansive and travel in time and space to get our galaxy nails on.  Some of the prompts for this challenge are so specific, like galaxy nails- that doesn't leave you too much room for interpretation right?  This year when i was looking for inspiration I found a picture of some celestial beauty that had some different coloration that I really enjoyed.  I based my nails off of that color scheme.  Here are my 2013 galaxy nails:

As you can see the base I used for the great beyond was a reflects gold over a deep maroon/purple and the collections of stars and planets swirling about were mostly golden mists with a little bit of baby blue in there. I really enjoyed this vision of a warm, welcoming space.

This manicure was made using a multitude of polishes to bring out the subtleties of the golds, purples, and blues, but the base of the manicure is Barielle Exquisite Dance over Confetti Dressed to the 9s:
This was such an amazing combination and exactly what I was looking for to create my galaxy.  So did you have fun taking a trip to space with me today? So glad you came along.  What does your galaxy look like? Is it warm and inviting? :)  We'll see you back tomorrow for water marble nails!  Have a lovely day!

Song of the Day: Bag Raiders- Sunlight
*this link is provided for it's audio and not video content*

Over and out.

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