Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What? Scrapbooking?

Yesterday I pulled out a box of craft supplies I haven't visited in a while.  With all my loves in the craft and art worlds, I had neglected a dear friend- scrapping.  Even with blogging where our memories can be shared and creatively played with so easily, there's nothing like holding the dear photos in my hands and reliving every special time that I took a picture of so that I would never forget that sweet/goofy/playful moment that depicts my babies as babies <3  In honor of Mr. Bear still I collaged some pics through the years that give a pretty good idea of the kind of dude he is- pretty much never serious =D  I love you Mr.Firstborn - You are one of my sweet dreams come true!  

 Glow-in-the-dark cap from his buddy Anna :)

 Rockin' his self-styled 'do

Ever the dare devil.  At two he was lovin the scary rides.

 Not sure if this is even two years old yet, lol...bad mommy

 I put this pick upside-down so you could see his cuteness without having to twist your head, but he's
actually laying over the side of his bed...asleep

 Monkey-facin for the camera.  Such a goof

 More crazy goodness

 Pizza at a campout with cousins :)

 Who, me?

My happy love :)

 This polish was a happy surprise! It is CQ in Rustic Dream- a previously unknown-to-me drugstore brand and I was hoping it would be as delicious as the bottle looked- and it is!  There is a heavy pink tone-pictured above

Then an orange glaze

And also gold.  Love the polishes that give you so many different looks in one bottle.

Accent nail has some Maybelline Color Show Metallics in Bold Gold and some little stones.  I have tried three Maybelline Color Show polishes now(this is the first i've shown) and they are all one coaters- which is a good sign they might stamp well- and this one did- to come in a later post.

Hope you all have fun and whimsy in your life- polish definitely does that for me! Here's to you finding yours!

Over and Out -mostly because my love SYTYCD is on now and it needs my and miss bee's full attention! ;)
All Stars start to come back this week and that is my very fav part!!  Night All


  1. What great pages and adorable children!

  2. Hi,thanks so much for linking up the Mommy Brain mixer! Cute photos!! I'm making first year books of my boys after years!! :D

    1. I know, right? I have all these 4x6 cutie pics just waiting to be scrapped- it's just finding the time and space.