Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another Scorcher!

Today was Bug's first day of First Grade- which I'll post pics of tomorrow with Bear's first day of Third Grade!  What big amazing boys I have.  Them being so old just makes me old :(  but very knowledgeable ;)  Took the morning to run errands and after Tim left for work we just tried to survive the heat again...phew.  Missy Bee was sportin a very summery frock today. She was very pleased to laugh at Daddy while he took her picture :)

Mom- you can also use this pic as a reference to where my hair is at these days
Look at that sweetie face!

Love her!

This view you can see the whole dress better.  My good friend Jean bought missy Bee this dress.  She's the best!  Doesn't she look old in such a long dress? Whew- to be fair it is a nine months size but the colors drew me to them today.

Random Retro of Summers Gone By:
 What we used to do when it was hot- this guy used to be day long ago lol

And this guy was little too- what he likes to do in the summer time.

And- so typical...

 This is Kleancolor Neon Purple as a base.  This picture is blurry but it was the only one I had where the color even comes close to neon.

This is what it looked like in most lights.  But I thought it was gorgeous, just misnamed.

Then I did a taping mani- marked off some of the nail I didn't want covered in white, and voila :)  This was my first successful mani using tape, I usually wasn't patient enough to let the base coat completely dry.  I used Snow Me White by Sinful Colors- but the purple ended up turning the white to pink, so in the end, it saturated through making a whole new mani- how fun :)

Over and Out

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