Saturday, August 11, 2012

Feliz Sabado

Happy Saturday, cleaning day Saturday.  Woke up nice and early, before the heat, to get the house clean- it was drivin me nuts!! Who's with me ladies?  Was a great workout- and I get so happy when everything's all clean and nothing's under foot anymore.  Got the grocery shoppin done, and took the munsters to the park- even in the crazy heat(doesn't need to be said that we didn't stay long).  Lots of swimming in the kiddie pool today- keeping cool and I have some cutie pics from today.

Mr. Bug badly wanted express his artistic sentiments today and painted page after page, and then when i wasn't looking painted his chest and arms too :)  I love in this picture his concentrated tongue and fingers make an appearance.

 Gettin some more of this goopey goodness!

Pleased with his work :)

Concentration for the finishing touches that need to be made with this blue.

 Bee and Bear are having a boxing match.

Awww sweetie! She has so much fun with her Bear

Bee and Bear- Bear was concerned all day with a loose tooth that just wouldn't come free...

First boxing, now a wrestling match!  Just love these little squishy faces.

Little miss was playing drums with her spoons tonight after dinner.

What, mom?

I love you too mom!

Hee hee :) I love this onesie!  Pretty much my favorite purple.  It definitely needs some spray n' wash after today's adventures.

 This is Julep Alfre.  It's a silver/purple, but these pictures don't do the purple justice.  To be fair the purple is very faint on the nail.

The finish was pretty good, just a little rocky.

Accent nail is using dotting tool with Essie Go Overboard and Sinful colors Snow Me White.  These colors kinda clashed so I didn't end up liking it that much.

That's all folks!  Have a wonderful Sabbath

Over and out :)

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