Monday, August 13, 2012

Holla atcha

I have pics of Missy Bee in her new dress!! This makes me excited to try again- just have to get some key instruments, like a zipper foot =o

Also- guess who popped out another tooth today?? It was missy Bee! Now she has both of her two front bottom teeth poking out of her gums.  Neither is fully out, but they're on their way! And here she is super pooped from all the hard teething!

Oh so typical Bear :)

Bee and I were playing Peek-a-Boo here and it was crackin us both up!

This is Kleancolor Blue Pearl as base- which I didn't clean up entirely before I took the pic- oops! and Firework over the action finger which is a super fun glitter as you can see- small silver glitter and red, yellow and teal chunky glitters :)  Kleancolor polishes- for their price are surprisingly easy to work with and don't stain so far! love that

Over and Out =D

P.S.  My brother on his mission in Argentina is the best!

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