Friday, August 10, 2012

hot hot HOT!

Wowza today was hot and it's getting hotter.  It was too hot to get anything accomplished...the kids are lucky I cooked dinner :)  Spaghetti and meatbulbs.  Thank goodness for the extra strength air conditioners we have in the two bedrooms or I would surely perish.  That reminds me- this guy came into work today and said that he bought the last air conditioner in three counties....or so the store told him.  Guess a lot of people feelin like me- which is dead from heat.  Little Bee went down at about 8:30 tonight and I'm not sure if she's trickin me or not cuz she never goes to bed that early- so more than likely she will wake up around 10:30 and want to be up for hours...gonna cross my fingahs.  So- crazy heat meant a day without projects again- if you don't count helping Bug do every puzzle in the house, filling up 20 water balloons, and going to work.  Perhaps tomorrow :) even though it is supposed to be even hotter!! I think we need to restock our supply of otter pops!  Some Random Retro today:

Here is Bear in possibly his first bouncy castle experience at an Air Show in Texas.  This is 2007

Halloween 2007- Here we have a gruesome pirate and a too cool surfer dude(he had a cardboard surfboard to accessorize appropriately :)

2008 Grandma's house mmmm grapity-grape juice!

Here you can see Bear (this is either 2008 or 09) in gymnastics with Bug wandering around not staying at the station he was supposed to...hmmm who woulda thought :)


Friday Funday means Bear pics the mani- the base color he chose was Milani Bolting Blue which is a dream to apply, was a one-coater and did not stain like I thought it would.  I have never had a problem with a Milani polish- they are always gorgeous and usually all one-coaters!

Then he chose to stamp today- with Sinful Colors Hazard and on the multi-colored star there is also Snow me White.  Bear actually did the stamping on these nails :)  Pretty much looks the same as if I had done it.  Oh look at that pinky- I think that's a purple Wet n' Wild On a Trip
 Here's a clearer picture- you can see we had a little trouble with smudging the polish on the grape, but overall was a fun time :)  I like letting him choose- he's a little artist and he always comes up with a fun plan.

Over and Out :)

Oh, p.s.- little missy is awake ;)

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