Monday, August 27, 2012

I've Got the Blues

Today I have a variety of blues swatched.  The first is Julep Melanie which is from their metallic collection and metallics always show every flaw more than any other polish for me, but this was still very pretty.  Note- my poor little third finger on both hands always rips and is never able to grow out to match its buddies :(  That must be my most-used finger lol

This next blue is from Maybelline's Color Show collection and it is one of the denims called Denim Dash.  I have yet to meet a polish from the Color Show collection that I do not like.  This particular polish dries matte! Love! and like most mattes dries very fast.  This was a one-coater which is great since this is a smaller bottle compared to your OPI.

Marine Scene by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear turned out much more teal than I thought it would, but- still in the blue family, sorta :)  This polish had a great finish as the xtreme wear's tend to have.  Me likey very much <3.

This is Color Club Chelsea Girl again, making a reappearance in my blue swatching.  This is three coats and still not quite opaque.  I'll be interested to see if more of their polishes have this issue.  Maybe it's cuz it's a jelly not a creme and I need to allow for that.

Which blue would you love to rock on your nails this week?

Miss Bee was such a big girl this week sitting in her high chair for the first time!  Look how happy she is in her achievement!

Hi sweet girly

Love how little her body looks in this big 'ol chair.

Look who realizes that his old high chair is out.  He totally decided this was where he needed to have a little snack all on his own :)  It was like an old friend came to visit.

Have a great week all!

Over and Out

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