Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What a day!

This day was full of so much fun!!  After I got home from work the kids were up for lots of fun.  We took Missy Bee outside to play in the pool and at first it was too cold, but then she loved it and splashed around like a pro under mommy's careful supervision :)  But Bear was such a good big brother

Happy Bug.  He's so glad that school starts tomorrow.

All three funny bunnies.

So- little Missy is kneeling and sometimes standing up in her crib now, which means it's time to lower it.  But for now it was just too cute to capture her cutie little face peer out at us.

Look how big I am mommy!

  Such a happy little lady!

One of the works in progress...

 This is Milani in Chocolate Sprinkles for the base, which just like its name is YUMMERS!   Also like the other Milani's it's a one-coater. On the accent finger the base is Kleancolor Sheer Pastel Cocoa- which was weird cuz it's a dusty pink, but whatever :)  It was pretty anyway.  Then I stamped using Chocolate Sprinkles again using a BM plate.  Need to invest in the 2012 plates- i'm looking forward to the larger design size.
These pics didn't even do the sparkly deliciousness justice- this brown shimmer was so fab!

Over and Out :)

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