Sunday, August 12, 2012

Still too hot to handle

Whoa another hot one!  For one of Bee's feedings this morning, I walked over to pick her up and in the process I totally tweaked out my neck and have been super messed up from it all day!  I hope I don't hurt this bad tomorrow cuz I'm workin a full day to fill in for a coworker.  Church was fabulous!  Mr. Bug was an angel!! It was his best day at church almost ever- it was a miracle!  After church we just tried to stay cool.  Missy Bee wore the dress I made her- still a tad big, but it fit fine :) Glad we tried it before it was too late- you know how that goes.  I'll post those pics tomorrow.  Just some retro pics today

These pics are from 2008

This is Pure Ice Honey Do and was really only so so but it dried pretty fast.  The top coat is Jordana Pink Hearts.  I really didn't care for this polish while I had high hopes for it.  The hearts were hard to fish out and didn't always lay flat on the nail and the little glitters in this polish ended up looking like bubbles in the polish.

This is the box of birthday polish that Bear picked out for me.  He did a very fine job.  Can't wait to paint with all of these.

Over and out :)

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