Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Sunday

Hey Ya'll what a beautiful day!  After a very chill morning we made our way to church and made it through...a good portion before having to make our way home, but I did feel enriched and I'm thankful for that.  After we got home my sweetheart make us all dinner- hamburgers, salad and green beans, and then we played a family game :) What a fun day together.  Here are some pics of the little munchkins from today.

 Finally picked up a magnet polish to try it out- and of course I got purple.  This is fun, but I had to do a couple nails to or three times if I didn't do it fast enough or bumped it tryin to hold that magnet so close lol.  Not sure it's my cup o' tea, but it is fun to wear once in a while and the color was actually really beautiful all by itself.

Not very long winded today- my bed and honey are waiting.  Time to get some zzzzzs :)
Over and Out

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