Friday, August 24, 2012

Crochet, Where Hast Thou Been?/My Little Country Girl

After yesterday I decided to look for another of my favorite crafties that I had been neglecting as of late.  I landed on crochet.  Oh my goodness do you know how many types of crochet there are? Check this website out if you're interested- what a fun site dedicated to one of my all-time faves.  Anyway, I pulled out this pattern and away I went.  I never test my gauge when it comes to crochet...I just live on the wild side/fly by the seat of my pants/I am just too lazy/whatever you wanna call it :)  So I always feel sorta lucky when clothing item end up fitting =p  
Have to give a shout out to my sweetie model Miss Bee!  Thanks girl you are rockin' this look! =D


Ok, here is another fabulous one-coat-wonder from Maybelline's Color Show in Impeccable Greys.  I think I did do two coats here, but only to prove to myself that the color wouldn't change that much with two, and that I could just stick to the one next time.  This polish is lervly :)  Oh so smooth and such an attractive grey.  Really, what grey isn't attractive on the nail- almost none, but hey- this one surprised me :)

Now for the crazy...I wanted to give another stab at a gradient manicure- and it turns out that's exactly what I did.  It look like one of the hunger games tributes in this mani! Oh my goodness.  Next time I try red in a gradient I'll make it more monotone so I don't have this happen lol.  Doesn't really need to be said that I didn't wear this very long, let alone to work ;) I would have scared all our members away.

Over and Out


  1. I LOVE her cute little hat! You are so talented!

  2. Thx Jess :)Added bonus- it makes a good teething toy too!

  3. I love the hat! ...and I love the nails! I want that mani for Halloween - It looks a little spooky :)

    1. Thx Nicole :) give it a try- just dab on the red with a sponge. Oh my goodness I HAVE to try your 50/50 Orange FroYo- in fact most everything you post makes me wish i live a lot closer to the market so i can make an ingredient run. Yummmm