Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hello! :) Finally got back to work today and I missed all my peeps so much!  Excited for our murder mystery party this weekend. It is a honky-tonk party- pictures to follow.  So hot here again today and the boys spent most of the day in the inflatable pool that's sitting on the trampoline :) talk about honky-tonk, but they like it that way- they can run and cannonball into the pool without bangin their bums on the hard ground ;)  While I was at work, little miss hung out with daddy and the boys.  Here she is in her favorite grubbin chair.  Little minnie mouse today:

 Uh oh momma caught me with one of my favorite crinklies

Besides hot pink, Bee looks just so stellar in yellow too.  She just rocks those colors so well ;)
 I think she looks like a little ray of sunshine in this onesie :)

 She is getting such a wide grin! I love it when she smiles so big for mommy, and it's all the time.  She is seriously such a happy baby.  And I just looked over at her sittin next to me while I type and she's makin a big ol' poop. yay! she's good at that too ;)
 Bear couldn't resist =D
Bug reinstated the peach into his top ten favorite foods once again having one every day this week(sometimes more than one a day if he's sneaky).
 Ahem...Bear attempting to punch the camera...little punk.  Can you tell he's turning 8 in a few weeks?

Random Retro- Bear had they idea for us all to make hats one family home evening.  His hat has a character he used to draw all the time- a heart monster.  His hat says "How can a monster wear shoes? :) This is from 2011

Per Bear's request- a lightening themed nail art today.  Base color is Black on Black with the glitter polish Frenzy of the same brand, and various colors for the art.

Over and Out :)

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