Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bear's Baptism

I thought I was going to evade the terribly yucky flu flyin through our household, but it finally found me last night so I've been trying to rest up today and not give it to baby daughter.  But I had to post these special pics tonight.  As promised (mom) lots and lots of baptism pics :)  For those of you who don't know, my folks are serving a mission in Laredo, TX and couldn't be with us for Bear's baptism.  We missed you grandma and grandpa!!

Before the baptism

Tim was able to do the honors.

The boys and their dad

Afterwards in his new church clothes.

Sweetie brothers

Happy Boy.  He was sure gettin tired of posing for pictures, but trying to be a good sport.

Little Bee.  Showing off her teeth too :)

Happy Mommy!


Huh?? x2

Bear and his Dad.

Thank you G and G Peterson for coming all the way out for the baptism!

Missy loves her brother soooo much!  What a sweet pair.

After the baptism we went and let the little dude play the day away at John's Incredible Pizza.

Concentrating hard, but to no avail.

And more playin

This is what Bug did most of the time.

Bear's favorite ride there- a 3D movie that also moved you around on these seats.  Can you tell which person is tired of riding this ride?

 This is Wet n' Wild Megalast 2% Milk as a base coat which was crazy frustrating to deal with- big awkward brush and kinda gloopy polish.  Then I used tape to stripe on China Glaze Mahogany- which was really not my favorite color.  Lastly I free-handed Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in Pacific Blue which ended up being the pearl of this mani.

Over and Out


  1. Oh my goodness! What a cute little bug! Congratulations on the baptism!

  2. Thanks Jess- what an incredible day- i'm such a proud mama!