Saturday, August 18, 2012

More Firsts for Missy Bee

We spent the day running errands in Roseville.  Doin the grocery shopping, some birthday shopping for Bear, and havin some fun time with Daddy while he was off of work.  It's a special treat to get time with Daddy. 
On another note, Missy Bee just has to keep outdoing herself.  Today she pulled herself not up to her knees, but now up to her feet in her crib and she was so proud of herself :)  Here are her sweet, chubby, strong legs in all their glory.  Now she knows that she can do this- it's rare to not find her standing when she's in her crib.

Smilin' at daddy during her accomplishment.

You're proud of me mom- I can tell =D

One of her cutie jumpers I found on sale at Kohls for like 2 bucks

 This is Orly Frisky as base coat.  This is creamy deliciousness and finished oh so fine :) Love, loved it- but it was a bad stainer I have to admit- boo :(  Here are Color Club Chelsea Girl and Maybelline Color Show in Denim Dash on the accent nail- Denim Dash dries as a matte.  This was taken outdoors at dusk- I have better swatches of the latter two colors coming.

Over and Out.

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