Saturday, August 4, 2012


Today I spent the day cookin, cleanin and party preppin.  In the end we had such a fun time :)  Met my co-workers' significant others and it was so nice to laugh with everyone outside of work(although we laugh a lot at work too).  I played Sheriff Sissy Wesson and I was NOT the murderer ;)  I was such a lame-o and didn't take pictures of anyone- I was too busy booooo.  i did take a pic of myself in my crazy get-up but i think mom, that i'm going to actually use the silly moo-moo that i wore to the part lol- i like it better than my current one cuz it's ma favorite color!  We played parlor games and had food like tater tot casserole and twinkie pie :)  yeehaw!  Cutest thing though- Bug was so excited when everyone was arriving, and once all the guests were seated around the table he went and plopped himself down next to all these strangers and just sat with them while they were chatting, like it was what he was just supposed to be doing with his evening.  So awesome :) Will post a few pics from the party tomorrow.  For tonight:

Random retro

 Such a special day.

 This was Fingerpaints Lemon Sour and it had a great finish with two coats.

 This was fun- pressing some teal and purple embellishments on the accent nail.

Was hoping i'd like this yellow as much as I did, cuz I love yellow!

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