Tuesday, August 28, 2012

After Party

So, that title not only denotes the polish my nails are rockin' today, but also most definitely the mood this week has taken on.  All the partyin' is finally over and certain young people are figuring out that it's time to put their noses to the grind stone so to speak.  Mom, did I complain about school this much when I was a kid? and if I did, how did you handle it?  Boy oh boy I know it's just the big change from summertime, but really kiddo- there are worse things in life than going to school!  Fast-forward to bedtime when his story was concerned with a certain child being granted a magic pencil and whatever he wrote came true as long as it was for the good of others and not himself.  Then the child proceeded to solve all the "real" problems that exist in the world for little boys and girls.  At least at night time when I have him in bed and things are winding down(his mind isn't going 100 miles a minute and posing a question/excuse for everything I tell him) and I can teach him some important lessons as long as they are in the form of an entertaining story :)  In other news, tonight Bear and I decided that we're going to be roommates forever ;)

Here's After Party by Revlon
So from the bottle I thought this color was going to be more blue- but it totally looks more like an army green to me on the nail.  This is just two coats of After Party with a top coat.  On the accent nail I just dotted with a matte polish which is a super easy way to have a fun texture on your nail with very minimal hassle involving dry time or planning :)  Try it; you'll like it. (any of you hear yo gabba gabba in your head when you read that sentence? =p)

On another note- Nicole from http://www.wonkywonderful.com/ always has the yummiest treats and tonight she inspired me to whip up something cold and delicious of my own. 

This took 5 ingredients:
1 c. blueberries
2 c. milk
2 c. ice cubes
1/4 c. sugar
1 tsp vanilla
Put all ingredients in  your blender and turn it on-voila, cool-down summer treat. This makes A LOT so have 4-5 mouths to feed if you're going to use that much milk ;) I usually make this with the traditional flavors of an Orange Julius, but these delicious fresh blueberries were begging to take a swim.  What variations have you tried?

Shout out to my awesome brother in Argentina right now serving a church mission.  I miss you and keep smilin' hermano!!  xoxo

Over and Out

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