Friday, August 3, 2012

I love the China Glaze Bohemian Collection

Not much to post today- just work and chillin with the kiddos, but it felt too hot to accomplish much.  What I accomplished was making it through the day ;)  Bug came in from swimming today to do his business in the potty!! yay buddy! progress is fabulous.  Tomorrow is the party so I will be cleaning and cooking all day :) My wonderful husband is going shopping for me on the way home from work tonight so I can cross one more thing off my to-do list tomorrow.  I will be making twinkie pie and bbq cocktail weenies, and tatertot casserole, and frog-eye salad :)

Random retro 
 We miss you grandma!

 This is China Glaze No Plain Jane.  This color was lovely but my bottle had a slightly difficult finish- somewhat bubbly.  This polish has beautiful purples and golds, and for this reason it was also hard to photograph.  Even though I had a hard time with it- I loved staring at the polish the whole day that I will definitely try another from the collection.

In this view you can see the duality of the polish- here are the gold hues.  The stamping is a bundle monster plate in a color I can't remember ;) this was a few days ago- but I do know the line! it is Zoya Julieanne.

Another view- you can see my trouble with the finish even more here, but I think the concept turned out ok :)

Over and Out

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