Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fair Day

Today was student scholar day at the Nevada County Fair and Bear and I just had an hour an a half to spend there.  Well, it started it with 30 minutes of traffic and parking.  Then about 20 more minutes waiting in line to get in...c'mon fair peeps speed it up!   Then after all that waiting it was already time for an ice cold drink and a Job's Daughter corn dog of course.

After all the waiting in line, we only had time for one ride :( So we picked the ferris wheel.

Bear's first time on this classic ride and I think it lived up- he loved it.

 Sitting at the top of the ride :)

 Well after the ride we were late to get home for Daddy to leave for work so I made Bear run with his treat in hand and on face ;) and somebody wasn't too happy about it when we finally got to the car lol

In other news I finished Bee's dress.  My first go at it and it wasn't so bad (pat on the back).  I do have to say I had to improvise a bit with the pattern...I think i might know why the pattern was on sale- they had me cut out things I didn't need and some things weren't even in order =/  But oh well, was a good learning experience.  I think I made it a little bigger than I meant to so I'll try it on her in a few weeks or maybe a month and we'll see how it looks! =D

Speaking of Missy Bee- What an angel- this shirt says "I'm all about Daddy" =D

Hmm- sorry Daddy, she's already watching the tube with mamma...

Random Retro:

 Socal  summer 2009- they grow up so fast :(

Base coat Sinful Colors Easy Going- looks like I picked up some black pieces of dust somewhere

Then I layered Revlon Scandalous- this color is so gorgeous- if the taping hadn't been such a mess I would have worn this mani longer.

This is mattified and I think I prefer it this way- this color is so delicious

 Hope everyone in Nevada County enjoys the fair! It was great fun as always and for me- a lot of nostalgia.

Over and Out

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