Friday, August 24, 2012

King for a Day- Well by now it's been a Week

Just Nails today.  I was too busy runnin errands and getting ready for Bear's baptism tomorrow.  On top of everything we've had the 24 hour flu go through our little clan, and missy bee and I are trying to stay out of it, but all the men in the family have been having a time of it!  That has definitely kept my hands busy.  But I gave myself a little me time with polish anyway, cuz sometimes we need a minute to ourselves; am I right?. Friday Fun Day- means Bear's choice.  He picked stamping again today.   :)   
 This is Color Club in Chelsea Girl which took three coats for this level of opacity which was slightly disappointing but the finish was lovely and made up for it.

 Bear wanted me to stamp a crown, which i did in Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold.  Over top of the stamp is Sinful Colors in Call You Later which is a green and yellow glitter.  To go with the crown I painted in acrylics the above sentiment since it was Bear's birthday, and baptism tomorrow- which resulted in really a week of bein king around here :)  Love that little monster and I hope he always remembers tomorrow.  Time for bed.

Over and Out

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