Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up 12/11/2013

Hello again :)  Well this week started out with a bang like this:
 I don't know what to tell ya, other than I learned a good lesson that day.

Next thing you know, she was up and at em(after a half hour bath and the fifth clothes change of the day).

 Don't worry about the giant mess Mom, just take a chill pill like me.

Well we got all festive this week with our tree and a few other decorations.  This is right after we put everything on, and let me tell you since then it's been a gradual undecorating of the tree by the little lady.  She takes a few off a day and hides them place until pretty soon it will all be bare.

Big brother was most proud as he did the majority of the work on the tree.  He's a pro at it.

I promised a few pictures of the new place.  Let me preface by saying that hardly anything is near to being in its final resting place- I'm still trying to get everything just right and on top of everything my resident handyman is unreachable for all the wall hangings and things at the moment so things aren't quite right yet, but here's a glimpse at our place.  The kids are being kind enough to demonstrate how a person might occupy each space :)
 the kitchen- facing toward the family room

 the entryway
 the front room/library
 a hallway
 the family room/office
 and the living room
the rest of the house will have to be toured on a later date

Here are some more shenanigans from this week...I promise she's not topless all the time, but I do usually remove her shirt when she's eating anything tomato-based because we just go through shirts like napkins the way she eats, as you can see :)

Proud of her form

Little thief is caught red-handed

Missy Bee thinks she's all grown up like big brother

We also took family pictures this week and here are some cute samples of the shoot:

And I won't show you the group picture because it's coming around in our Christmas card this year :)  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you feel nearer to us even though we may be far away.

Song of the Day: Daft Punk- Contact
*this link is provided for its audio content only

Over and out

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