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Saturday Random Swatching 12/07/13

Hiya peeps!  You ready for some swatch love?  I'm going to fire 10 random swatches at ya from my unposted folder and grade each polish, telling you what I think about it and hopefully you'll tell me which is your favorite too.  Let's get started!

Bongo Perfectly Polished is from a relatively inexpensive line you can find in drugstores or places like Walmart.  I have to tell you the first few bottles I picked up from this brand were really thin and I just did not care for the formula, but I found a few of these puppies in a clearance bin somewhere for like .75 cents so I picked em up.  This bottle specifically is rather nice.  The color is really delightful and the formula was creamy and you're looking at just one coat here.  Way to go, right?  A

Color Club Endless is from their Kaleidoscope collection and its such a soft, sweet baby pink.  This formula wasn't the best, I have to admit.  Sometimes with more pale colors it's hard to get the creamy formula opaque enough and they end up with a patchy problem.  You just have to work with this one a bit. This is two thick coats.  B

Pure Ice Honey Do is a champagne/honeydew shade.  This is two coats and I could have probably done a third to get more opacity.  You know, I'm just not crazy about this shade.  It kinda just says "eh" to me.  Not everyone has the same taste though, how do you like this one?  B

Nicole by OPI Cinna-man of My Dreams is a really fun textured polish because I haven't really found many in this kind of shade.  I really like this brand's take on the textured polish formula.  Have you tried it yet?  This polish is a lovely blend of bronze, chocolate, gold, and even some dark blue or purple particles in there.  Really interesting. This is two coats.  A

e.l.f. Green Machine is one of the first polishes from this brand I picked up.  I wasn't really overwhelmed with this color, so I didn't pick up any more of these for like a year, but I'm glad I did later on because they do generally have a great formula and while they don't have the most inventive shades, they do have all your basic needs if you are fond of wearing the tried and true colors.  This is two coats and it's rather appropriate for this time of year.  B+

L'oreal Rainy Piccadilly is a shade I'm really fond of- this cadet blue, but bluer.  It's rather dusty and not really the most standout appearance on the nail unfortunately, but I still really love the shade.  This is two coats.  B+

Zoya Mason is a bright raspberry with flakies as you can see better in the bottle.  I have to say this is one of the only Zoya polishes that I didn't fall in love with as soon as I put it on the nail.  I got this shade in an ipsy glam bag and I probably wouldn't have picked it out for myself, but besides the shade somewhat-fail in my opinion, the formula wasn't really that great. :(  Maybe it's the addition of flakies in there, I don't know but it was a bit of a pain to apply which is really uncharacteristic for this brand.  This is two coats.  B

Milani Chocolate Sprinkles is a really unique color in my collection.  I don't gravitate toward browns that much because sometimes they can be unfortunate shades, reminiscent of certain substances if you know what I mean...but this one is just filled with shimmer particles and so brilliant that I think it really is a standout.  This is two coats.  A

Sinful Colors Decadent over Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Pedal to the Medal is a gorgeous fuchsia red multi-sized glitter that looks great as a pop over a really basic base color.  This is great for the holidays or really any time of year but I think you can find it in one of their holiday displays.  This is two coats.  A

OPI Cuckoo For This Color is my standout shade of the week.  It's a deep teal shimmer and it is so rich and dimensional which is really something I look for in polishes.  Of course because it's OPI it has a great two coat formula, easy to apply.  This is perfect for this time of year and if you love blue/green shades you'll love it for all year round.  A+

There you have it: 9 random polishes, plus my favorite of the week.  I hope you're having a great weekend and tell me which polish was your favorite.  See you back tomorrow, and until then- take care!

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