Monday, December 2, 2013

Lexington Yellow

Hey doll.  How've you been?  I know I've been away for a little minute- we've been moving!  We're all moved in but that does not mean everything's in its place...not by a long shot :)  I don't even have any polish out of their boxes (shock) or back up on their racks (double shock).  Taking things box by box and polishes, while a must-have for me, are not a must-have for the rest of my family so I'm trying to take care of things in their order of importance.  I do have this manicure from the week before the move I can show you today.  I was just playing with this layered look and I think it'd be really great as an accent nail.  The base polish is the uber inexpensive NYC Lexington Yellow and then I took some silver to make these little tendrils on the tips of each nail.  Then, using a turquoise acrylic I layered more tendrils and on the accent nail of this mani I just mixed in a little more white paint for a lighter turquoise on the middle finger and thumb.  Here's the look:

Here is NYC- Lexington Yellow at two coats on its own.  It is a little patchy, but honestly you'll be hard-pressed to find a yellow cream polish that isn't, and this one is under two bucks and can often be found for 50% off.  You can see, its a bit uneven- but that's why I wanted to show it to you when used for nail art. What do you think of this polish line?

That's it for today!  Glad you stopped by.  Hope you've been well- tell me how you've been.  Hopefully I'll be back to regularly posting now.  See you tomorrow.

Song of the Day: The Naked and Famous- Hearts Like Ours
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