Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday Random Swatching 12/21/2013

It's Saturday, and you know what that means.  Here's my random swatching for the week.  Let's see if you find a new favorite color in here:

NYC Columbus Circle Crimson is like your basic red, red cream and then deepen it just a bit.  It's a really delicious shade and the formula was spot on per usual for this brand.  You all know by now that I think NYC is a really great bargain brand of polish.  You can lots of times find them at half off which puts them just under a buck and they have a decent rainbow range so they're suitable if you like more traditional shades and then they also have colors for you to mix it up.  This is two coats.  A

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure I Pink I Can is this sweet little peach/pink cream.  It has a fabulous formula that you can come to expect from this line.  It's one of their higher-end offerings(compared to Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear for example) so I usually don't pick this polish up unless it's on clearance.  But just look- this one got tossed on clearance and it polished just beautifully, nothing weird about this bottle.  This is two coats.  Love it.  A

Sinful Colors Skylark is this orange/peach cream and as you can see it is really on the thick side.  I like the concept of the shade but the formula turned out a bit of a mess.  I like thick polishes, but not this thick where you look like you're wearing whipped cream on your fingers :)  I've always said that Sinful Colors is a hit or miss brand but the thing is they have such an expansive range of polishes, and they retail at such a small price that it's worth it to try a few.  C

Barielle Love is a pearl white, irridescent, milky shimmer polish and need I say I am NOT at all in love with this little bottle.  This is three coats and still so sheer, then you add in that it's an iridescent finish and you have a whole bunch of what I don't like.  I have yet to find a use for this polish, but my suggestion to you is pass :) I give it a C.

China Glaze Holly-Day is of course meant to be a Christmas Green, and I'm posting it at this time of year, but don't get me wrong- I mean to get some use out of it during other parts of the year as well.  This is two coats and went on smoothly.  It is a very high shine little lady and you just don't see this color enough.  Love it!  A

Orly Frisky is a really interesting shade because it's this bright sky blue cream, but when I look at it on the nail I see this kind of gray undertone.  It's really unique and maybe its just my imagination, but hey.  This is two coats and it applies with no hassle.  A

Fingerpaints Art of Theft is this deep blurple with hot pink and gold shimmer, which doesn't show up much unless you're in natural lighting- but the bottle shot gives you a pretty good idea.  This is two coats, and it applied nicely, not spectacularly, but it was ok.  B

e.l.f. Misty Haze is a really gorgeous taupe/gray that you can pick up for just pennies and this is two coats but I probably could have gotten away with just one.  You can wear this shade anytime, anywhere.  Perfection.  A

Sinful Colors Holiday Rebel over Sinful Colors Snow White is my glitter pick for the week and doesn't it just scream Christmas?  Not only does this polish feature red and green glitters of multiple sizes, but they threw in some holographic glitters that is only really showing off on the ring finger in this pic- but believe me they're there and lovely.  A

Nicole by OPI Blueberry-Sweet on You is my pick for A+ polish of the week.  This polish is from their gumdrops texture line and I just love the brilliance of the luster in this little ice blurple.  It's so gorgeous, right?  It's so fun for this time of year.  If you haven't tried any of this brand's textured polishes, I think you'll be glad you gave them a try, but try to look for them in clearance bins like I do.  Hey- always the bargain shopper here :)  A+

And there you have it, ten more shades- which did you love, which did you hate?  I hope you're having a stellar weekend.  On my list of things to do is get the stockings up and wrap, wrap, wrap.  At our house we can't put any gifts under the tree til the kids are asleep on Christmas Eve, or they'll all get opened.  However, there's nothin' as bad as bein tired and cranky Christmas morning cuz I stayed up all night wrapping, so I gotta get a jump on it, but still find enough safe places to hide the gifts.  Well I better get to it :)  See you back tomorrow!

Song of the Day: Swedish House Mafia- Don't You Worry Child
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Over and out.

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