Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday Random Swatching 12/14/2013

Hola! How's your Saturday going?  I have ten random swatches for you today- that I've pulled out from my "yet to post" file.  I'm gonna tell you what I think about each one and hopefully you find something you like.  You ready for swatch spam in your face?  Let's get started:
China Glaze Snap My Dragon from the Avant Garden Collection.  I love the strawberry hue and how bright and cheery this shade is.  The formula for this polish was just fine even though you see some bubbling on the surface of my nail.  As I recall this applied smoothly in two coats.  A

Bonita Rose Garden is a pearl/frost baby pink and this is two coats.  This brand is one of the less-than-a-dollar polishes you can find at Ross and Marshalls that I just had to try to see if it was any good, and my verdict is that I won't be repurchasing any more.  I tried three or four bottles in different shades and I just really didn't care for the formula or appearance of these.  Even for the price, they aren't worth the storage space :)  However, they might be good gifts for a little one although I'd research if they were 3 free before you give them to a nail biter.  C

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Sunset Orange is this rather sheer orange/coral that is a really interesting shade.  I don't care for how sheer it is at two coats, but it was on clearance and I liked the color.  You're looking at two coats of this crelly and in general I really do like the Rimmel London polishes but for this one I give it a B.

Sally Hansen Fizz it Is was in a bargain  bin somewhere and I have to say I really didn't care for this one.  It's a barely champagne pearl and it's just too sheer for me.  This is three coats and I still couldn't get it to where I wanted it to be.  I would say you could definitely pass if you see this one, even in clearance.  C

Fingerpaints Merry Mistletoe is also another sheer polish.  We seem to be operating on a theme today. However, I really like the premise of this polish- a green/gold dense shimmer with glass fleck.  Of course it's a really nice shade for this time of year but it might be really great layered over a white, black, or similar green.  B

Wet n Wild Who is Ultra Violet was 75 cents at a drug store one day and I think the shade is really fun- more of a neon purple shade without being megawatt bright.  This formula wasn't the best thing ever, but for under a buck- it's a good one around to have for young fashionistas.  B

Julep Missy is a rather standard silver foil polish which definitely has a time and a place.  I don't really love this formula for every day, but it's a great one-coater for days when I really want my nails to holler.  This is one coat and I give this polish an A

Sinful Colors Fantasy is a multi-colored glitter in a clear base with micro rosy glitters.  This is two coats over a pale pink base.  It's not the most original shade, in fact this brand has a few other polishes that are pretty much identical to this one but they have a base of micro green or micro blue glitters.  I'm not overwhelmed by it, but it's fun.  B

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Scarab shines far above the rest of these swatches for me this week.  Just look at how gorgeous this duochrome is.  Even with it not being the most shifting(supposed to be teal and green) I am still so in love with how vibrant and dimensional this polish is.  This brand does charge something like 8 bucks a pop for the Lustre Shine line, but I found them all on 75% clearance one time and snapped em all up.  One of my favorite offerings from Sally Hansen.  If you pick this little lady up you won't be disappointed.  A+

There you have it.  Ten more little pretties for you.  Tell me which was your favorite polish to wear this week, and do you agree with my top pick?  Hope you're having a great weekend!  See you back tomorrow.

Song of the Day: Marina and the Diamonds- Teenage Idol
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