Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Keyhole Tangle

Hello again loves.  How are your days going?  I got one of my little monsters off to school and the other two are crawling under my chair as we speak.  You know something I really love about our new house is that it's close enough to school that I can walk the kiddos to and from school everyday- they don't have to endure the perils of the bus and I get at least two 20 minute walks a day!  

Let's get to why you're really here- some nail art love.  I found this zentangle pattern called Jalousie created by Stephanie Kukla and I just had to create a manicure inspired by it.  The thing I love about it is it feels delicate and strong at the same time.  When I looked at this design all I could think of was that it sort of looks like a keyhole that you might peer through(picture Secret Garden) and so that's what I named the look, complete with accent nail.  Take a look:

I started out with a base of Color Club Lady Holiday which is this smooth and creamy gray/taupe and then I used a nice dark purple acrylic to do the details.  Here is Lady Holiday at two coats on its own:

This ended up being really striking on the nail, and anything that has gray and purple...I mean come one- I'm in heaven!  I hope you enjoyed this design and I'm glad you stopped by to join me in my happy place.  See you back tomorrow :)

Song of the Day: Bag Raiders- Heartbeat Away
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Over and out.

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